SteveOfficial At Flirt Cafe In Bournemouth

This is my review for Flirt Cafe which I recently visited over the last couple of weeks with my girlfriend Kirsty who actually introduced me to this cafe

I really loved visiting this cafe, that’s what I am gonna start with in this blog post is that J really enjoyed visiting this cafe and the reason why is because, it was really weird and I mean that in a good way, the place was really random and you can tell that from the moment that you walk in to the cafe now I do have some photos of the cafe that I did take while I was at the cafe and you guys reading this will see those photos throughout this blog post

I actually wanna talk about some of the decor that you can find in this cafe, and as you can see in the image above that the cafe has some umbrellas on the ceiling, that’s what makes the place feel really colourful and again makes the place look really random and weird is the umbrellas that you can see on the ceiling, there was also some other bits of decor that I could find throughout the cafe that I thought was really random, they had some fairy lights on the walls to make it feel like at home, as a Doctor Who fan I also spotted a TARDIS on one of the units that they had in the cafe

I promise you, the image that you’re seeing above this paragraph is still in the cafe and not at some hairdressers, now you can look like you are having your hair done while you have something to eat or something to drink or even while you’re socialising with your friends

You see what I also love about Flirt Cafe in Bournemouth is the fact that it’s a great place to sit down and socialise with your friends, it’s also a really nice relaxing place as well and very quiet the atmosphere is also really good in this cafe and that’s why I would totally recommend this cafe to anyone whether it’s friends or family

This cafe is for anyone to go to, whether you’re there to chill out and socialise with friends or if you want somewhere to have something to eat this is the ideal place to go

They have a really wacky menu and I can tell you that when I visited Flirt Cafe I did have something to eat and drink here and I’ll tell you more about that in a few moments but the menu was really good and they have something for everyone whether you’re going to visit there during the day or whether you want to go there later in the evening the menu has something for everyone

I must say that their milkshakes are to die for, it’s absolutely delicious, and it’s kind of on par with those milkshakes that you’ll find at Five Guys except they are slightly cheaper than Five Guys, which is also an added bonus, they have all sorts of flavours of milkshakes, the milkshake in the photo above this paragraph is actually a Cadbury Cteme Egg milkshake but you can get Aero Mint milkshake, Terry’s Chocolate Orange milkshake and many more

My partner Kirsty had a smoothie which weirdly was named “Steve” it’s funny because my name is Steve, so I am technically famous way before I walked into that cafe a few weeks ago

I will tell you guys another weird thing, I have lived in Bournemouth now for nearly 8 years, it’ll be 8 years at the end of March 2020 since I moved here and over those 8 years I have walked past this cafe in Bournemouth Town Centre so many times and have never actually had the opportunity to go inside the cafe until recently when me and my partner Kirsty were in Bournemouth Town Centre and she suggested we went in to this cafe, and I agreed to, I tell you what though I am really happy that I did go in here when I did because it was just really good and had an amazing atmosphere the service from the staff was also amazing which makes me recommend Flirt Cafe to anyone in Bournemouth whether you live in Bournemouth looking for places to go or whether you are visiting Bournemouth for the day or weekend I would recommend Flirt Cafe to anyone

I can reveal that I will be coming back to Flirt Cafe again sometime soon because like I just said the service was fantastic from the staff who were also very friendly and also the food was absolutely delicious too, the image you’re seeing is the basket of cheesy chips that I had from Flirt Cafe and they were really cheesy and delicious

So if you are in Bournemouth Town Centre and stuck for places to go to eat and drink then make sure you check out Flirt Cafe locates in Bournemouth Triangle right next to Bournemouth Library


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