In this blog post I wanted to write about JayJay – I’m not sure why I wanted to but – It’s been a long time since I had JayJay in my online presence.

Who Is JayJay? JayJay is a Chihuahua who I had as a pet for around about 7 years – he is in fact the longest family pet dog that I have ever had and JayJay has been a part of the family since he was a little puppy

What Memories Do You Have Of JayJay? Even today I still have good memories of JayJay and I still do make happy memories with him every time that I see him… I used to love it when JayJay heard a weird noise whether that was coming from me or from somewhere else and he would tilt his head to the side – I love it when dogs do that

I also loved it when every time you said to him “you wanna go walkies” or even when you just said the words “you wanna go” his ears would instantly prick up – I always found it hilarious

I also have many memories of when we first had JayJay because at the time when JayJay was a puppy I was living in Basingstoke – and I remember every weekend morning whether it’s a Saturday or a Sunday – if the sun was out and it wasn’t too hot I used to take JayJay out for 2+ hours – I used to take him everywhere around the town – for instance there was times where I walked around Festival Place Shopping Centre area and there was also times where I used to walk him along Eastrop park and War Memorial Park and then I also took him around the neighbourhood area it was so nice to walk him for two hours every weekend and I also think that’s why even today me and JayJay have such a huge bond because we always bonded for 2+ hours every weekend morning when we went out for walks

JayJay looking sleepy

I also have other memories of JayJay like when he was a puppy and he used to wee on the floor – he knew when he was in trouble because he always looked at our facial expressions and I think he knew when he done wrong because he used to put his head down in shame which to be honest was funny every time he got told off even before he got told off for doing something wrong he would still put his head down in shame

Does JayJay know any tricks? JayJay knows one trick as far as I’m aware – he knows to give you his paw and his other paw so that you can give him a handshake – he always used to get awarded with treats every time he did it when he was a puppy and now he just gives you his paw anytime he wants to

How Often Do You See JayJay Today? So late last year JayJay was passed on to another family member of mine as I’m working all the time and because I work a lot I don’t have time to look after him and take him out for walks as often so that’s why another family member has taken him on since late last year. Also because I’m barely at home as well that was another reason why JayJay had to move on but to answer the question though I do see JayJay every now and then – the last time I saw him was Sunday (July 15th 2018) so it was really recent (at the time of writing this blog) that I last saw him and I will see him again soon

JayJay licking his lips

How Did You Feel When JayJay Had To Move On? To be honest I did feel sad when he had to move out and move in with another family member because I feel as though I had lost a best friend for life – after all there is the saying that a dog is a mans best friend and I do strongly believe that saying because of how strong my relationship with JayJay was but now I don’t mind the fact that another family member has taken him on because like I said a little further up in this blog post that I was getting too busy with work commitments to look after him and take him out for walks and I’m glad that he is with another family member who I know is taking good care of him and to be honest JayJay will always have a place in my heart – he’s the best pet that I have ever had I’m not gonna lie but he is because he was t just a dog to me – he was also my best friend and I’ll always love him even when he does eventually go to doggy heaven!!!


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