SteveOfficial: A Quiet Place Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review I have for you which is called A Quiet Place

Now if we wasn’t in the lockdown situation and if we didn’t have the Coronavirus, or should I say if the Coronavirus never existed at the time of writing this blog then I would have by now gone to the cinema and watched the second part to this movie and I would not only be reviewing this movie but also the second part to this movie too which was supposed to be released last month in March, but as the Coronavirus took hold the movie got held back and is now currently in an unknown release date and plus the cinemas are also shut at the time of writing this blog too so I can’t go and see the movie even if it was out anyways

But I have watched the first part to A Quiet Place which is available to stream on Netflix right now at the time of writing the blog and here’s my thoughts on the movie

Well the genre of the movie is a horror and or thriller… to be honest there wasn’t any really jumpy scenes that made me jump out of my skin, there wasn’t anything too terrifying in this movie neither, there was only one scene that made me really jump out of my skin but that was because I wasn’t expecting what happened on screen to happen

I would probably say that this movie was more of a drama or sci-if at the very least, I also found the movie to be very silent but of course the movie is called A Quiet Place and the characters that are involved in this movie have to be silent or they will get killed by these creatures

A lot of the movie is very silent as I said and the characters interact with each other through using sign language, you see a lot of text on screen so you know what they are saying to each other, so this isn’t the type of movie where you can easily look away from the screen and then come back into the movie later, this is the movie where you need to be fully focused to what’s going on and what’s happening on screen because if you miss a single bit of what’s going on and what’s happening on screen then you will start to get confused as to what’s going on and where the story is leading to next

Emily Blunt stars in this movie, and I think she plays the role fantastically and amazingly, the movie lasts around 1 hour and 30 minutes so it’s not too long and it’s not too short neither, I also think that the ending to this movie definitely serves up for there to be a sequel which we know that there is a sequel on the way but when that gets released is currently unknown at this time of writing the blog

So I found the movie to be good and I found the music and the score to this amazing I think it tied in really well with the very silent parts of the movie so I would recommend to this to anyone who enjoys a silent movie to someone who wants to see not a lot of action on screen.. it’s a very good movie and I can’t wait for the sequel to be released hopefully later this year which I will go and see and will review for my blog later in the year


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