STEVEOFFICIAL: Eternals Movie Review

Hello all and welcome to another mvi9e review that is available for you all to read on this blogging website that is SteveOfficial. In this blog post I will be reviewing the most recent Marvel movie to be released in chimes at the time of writing this blog post which is Eternals.

I will be honest here – in some ways I did enjoy this movie but I wouldn’t say that this is the best Marvel movie that I have seen of the year compared top the other Marvel movies that we have seen this year in the form of Black Widow and Shang-Chi And The Legend Of the Tent Rings.

I don’t really know much about The Eternals in terms of their characters and their superpowers as I have never had the Marvel comics that they feature in so watching this movie I had no idea who The Eternals was but this wasn’t a bad thing because when UI went to see Shang-Chi earlier this year I had no idea who that character was or his super powers but I did end up really enjoying this movie and found the movie to be even better than. when I went and saw Black Widow

I think the problem with this movie was there way way too many characters that were introduced all in the same film, it did also feel like an Avengers style movie with the way they were being formed so I feel like there was some scenes taken from the previous Avengers movies and was copied and pasted into this movie.

Originally the director Chloe Zhao was planning to have 12 Eternals characters in this movie but she decided to cut two of them out of the movie before production even started which to be honest was good because had there of been any more than 10 characters being introduced at once into the MCU I think this movie would have been the worst MCU movie in my opinion – see what I like is the fact that we get a character development with Avengers at the character development lasts slightly longer on screen than what was happening with The Eternals movie – but what I also like is the fact that a lot off the characters in Avengers we know a lot more about because they have more prominent roles in the Marvel comics and movies whereas The Eternals they don’t have much involvement unless the Deviants are involved in some way which explains why they never got involved when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet and made half of the universe including some of the Avengers disappear in Avengers Infinity War.

Now what I did love about this movie is the cinematography with the shots that they used especially when they were travelling to various different places like Chicago, London, Iraq, Babylon and North Dakota as well – I really loved the shots that they used for them because it made the movie look really good and very cinematic too

What I also loved about this film was the fact that we had Angelina Jolie as the character Thena and she had her own sub plot within the movie which I am not gonna give away just in case there is nobody reading this review who has yet to see the movie but I thought that the sub plot was really good top be honest and kept me engaged and interested throughout the movie – I also loved the character engagement between Sprite and Sersi as well

I also loved the fact that they had the use of LGBTQ characters within this movie as well despite some countries wanting to sensor out those scenes but I do think its a good thing that Marvel are taking this route with some of their superhero characters it just shows that they are becoming. a lot more diverse with their superheroes within their movies and even comics as well.

In my opinion overall;l yeah this movie does have a couple of flaws in lot which I will admit but the post credits scenes at the end does definitely set up a future and its safe to say that this will not be the last that we hear from The Eternals.

Eternals was released in cinemas globally on November 5th 2021.

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