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fan_unfriendeddarkweb_fbbanner_900600_blog_20180614So I haven’t done a blog post in a while and I thought that I should get back in to doing more blog posts again so I thought I would start my blog posts off with a movie review and in fact this is my first movie review that I have done on my blog post and this is one of the recent films that I have been to see at the cinema now you can expect to see a lot of movie reviews on my blog post as well as other things as well over the next few weeks but this is the review for Unfriended: The Dark Web

Unfriended: Dark Web is a sequel to 2014 film Unfriended, and to be honest I think this film is a lot better than the first one I am not gonna lie, once again it is a low budget film really because everything is filmed from webcams, mobile cameras and also a screen recording tool used for MacBook computers, thats how easy it is to make this film possible. What did I think of this movie? I thought it was amazing and awesome and also at times a little hilarious

Whats the plot about? The film is about a guy called Matias who steals a laptop from an Internet cafe that has been left there for 3 – 4 weeks, at the beginning of the film he tries to log in to the MacBook computer – he tries multiple passwords which is hilarious, I was laughing throughout that part of the film – but the passwords he tried to login to the MacBook was password, Password, PASSWORD, 1234, 2018, letmein  and more (I think the letmein password was the bit that got me laughing) anyway he does eventually manage to get in to the MacBook computer with a really easy password (I am not gonna spoil what the password was but the username was the hint as to what the password was for the MacBook computer)

Once Matias is in the computer he launches all of the apps that he enjoys going on like Spotify, Facebook, and also an app that he uses to help communicate to his girlfriend who is deaf, we also see them have a video chat on Facebook then we see them have an argument about the fact that Matias didn’t want to attend this class to help him understand and communicate a lot better with his girlfriend – we do see him and her video calling throughout the film and in fact the hackers that are playing with Matias mind also use her as a weapon

We see Matias talk to his friends on Skype (Just like the original film where the friends met up via a Skype video group call) and they start playing Cards Against Humanity via the group call as it was “Game Night”. Throughout the video call though Matias computer starts to mess up as Skype quits unexpectedly and then he starts receiving messages from another persons Facebook account – these messages included a video of a blonde woman at a beach and also people asking about plane tickets as well (these messages came from the Facebook account of the person whose laptop Matias stole from at the Internet cafe off screen)

Matias finds out that the reason why his laptop keeps messing up is because his memory on the computer was full but he couldn’t work out why it was full because there was no photos, videos, music or anything like that – he decides to clear the history on the internet to make room which sort of helps but then it continues to constantly quit apps unexpectedly so he then decides to do a test and once the test has finished running he then notices a file that was hidden away in the computer – in this folder he finds all these videos of CCTV cameras spying on people in their homes whether it was in the kitchen or in the garage there was even some cameras in peoples bedrooms too – he then decides to share his screen on Skype with his friends and they look at some of the videos themselves which involved a girl being chained up in a what looked like an abandoned building – it also showed a guy climbing through a girls bedroom window at night whilst she was asleep in her own bed and there was also another video of a girl who was in a hole that was in the ground while the guy was about to tip a huge barrel of corrosive over her whilst she was asleep but luckily we didn’t see that happen as Matias stopped the video before we witnessed it happen

His friends then realise that these videos that they have just witnessed was all taken from the dark side of the internet – once his friends then start to realise what they have witnessed has been taken from the dark side of the internet – things look set to get worse for the friends as the guy who Matias stole the laptop from wants it back and manages to get in contact with him through his girlfriends Facebook account – although the guy only does this when his girlfriend is away from the camera and when she does come back all the messages that he has sent to Matias disappears so that she isn’t aware of whats going on

Matias gets his girlfriend to come and meet him so that way he can get this laptop back to the person he stole it from – in the process though his friends then start to get hacked from their computers with one friend called Lexx getting pushed off the top of her building which someone had filmed and posted on YouTube – we also had another friend called Damon who was hanged and there was message left for the person that found him through a Word document saying that him and his friends did a terrible thing – you also had AJ who talked about explosives on the internet and thanks to some editing the hacker managed to use some of his YouTube clips and called the police whilst playing the clip all edited together so that AJ was set up for the police to go to his house, the hacker also turned up the speakers that AJ recently got and used a gun sound effect as well when the police turned up meaning that AJ then got shot by the police – The hacker also made one of Matias friends choose between their fiancé or their mum – she couldn’t decide so they both died and she died a little while after witnessing them both getting killed

Just like the first film, this film is all about the characters that you see on screen getting killed so this is a movie where nobody survives at all – I am not gonna tell you what the ending was like as I wouldn’t like to spoil the ending as this movie is still out in the cinema (at the time of writing this blog post) but all I can say is the ending is a little bit brutal and also a little weird as well

I am gonna give this movie a 9/10 because I though the film was fantastic and I love the way how it was all filmed using webcams mobile phone cameras and also a screen recording tool kit for MacBook computers as well

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