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Hello and welcome to my next blog post here on my website SteveOfficial – today I’ll be talking to you about my first ever post lockdown trip since March

So in my previous blog post I revealed that the UK went into a national lockdown, and gradually over time things began to reopen again whether it was non essential shops to pubs, restaurants and cinemas they have now all began re opening again after closing down in March since the start of the national lockdown

We were told to stay at hone, save lives and protect the NHS, then we were told to stay alert, control the virus, save lives and now we are being told a simple slogan hands, face, space – but the good thing is now the UK has begun going back to some form of normality other than certain areas still having localised lockdowns and social distancing measures in place and the fact you now have to wear masks when on public transport and indoor public settings as well – but apart from that we have gone back to normality

So Throop Mill was the first place that I visited in a post lockdown world really… it’s somewhere that was local and somewhere that wasn’t too far away from where I live neither… the way how I planned to do my visits was to start somewhere local and the gradually start going out to other various places

So as you will realise over the coming weeks here on my blogging website I will be posting blogs of places that I visited recently and they do start off being very local to where I am and then they will get further and further away that’s not local to me… but Throop Mill is a place that’s very local to me and as always is a pleasure to visit

It’s an ideal walk for people who have dogs – it’s also ideal for bike riders and for family who would like to have a day out, it does have some very beautiful scenery’s and also features an abandoned flour mill as well hence why it’s called Throop Mill

I also came across some horses on my long walk around Throop Mill… I don’t think I have actually done a proper long walk like this in a long time… I have visited Throop Mill multiple times yes because of how local it is to me but I haven’t done a really long walk though through the area for a very long time so it was really nice to see some horses nearby and for me to be able to take some photos of them for the blog was also really nice

What I also love about this visit is that the weather was really lovely.. it was such a warm and sunny day outside which I also loved… this area here where I managed to take a snapshot of these horse together I have never really visited before (there’s always a first time for everything) so I was glad that I discovered an area of Throop Mill that I never discovered before

In the same area where I saw the horses together I also saw this not too far away from them… always nice to see a few British Airways planes on standby not being used… when I did go to Throop Mill during this visit this was taken just as the UK was coming out of lockdown so I should imagine that none of these places were being used as foreign travel I believe was still banned from happening in the UK so I guess they were just staying in this area during lockdown not being used

Ohhh I do love to take photographs of flowers and what I love about this is you can see the photo is fully focused on the centre of the picture those daisies in the middle of that photo take centre stage and the rest of the photo is all blurred I do love to take photos on my Canon Camera because they do come out amazingly well…

I also took my little dog friend Buddy with me as well… I think it’s safe to say that he enjoyed having that long walk along Throop Mill although I am not sure what he’s exactly looking at in this picture though… I must say when it comes to dog walkers there are areas of Throop Mill where dogs can have a little paddle in some of the lakes so it’s nice because if you have a dog and it’s a really hot day at least they can go in the water and paddle to cool off… Buddy on the other hand won’t do that because he’s afraid of water.. not kidding…

These final few photos I have to share for you guys in today’s blogging post is of some ducks and swans I found just near the Throop Flour Mill abandoned building so if you have children and want to feed some ducks then this place is ideal to feed the ducks some bread if you have some of that on you as well… what I also love about Throop Mill is that there’s a little cafe nearby as well which does various ice creams which I am yet to try by the way… but if you do come by here then definitely stop off at Throop Mill because this is a great place to visit it’s fun for all the family and great for dog walkers to visit as well

Thanks for reading this blog post about Throop Mill I hope you enjoyed the photos and content I have provided for you guys stay tuned because in my next blog post I’ll be talking about my next post lockdown visit which was to iFord River in Bournemouth so please look out for that – all I can say is stay safe and look after each other…


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