SteveOfficial: LETSCOM H10 Headphones Review

Welcome to a review that I don’t think I have ever done on my blogging website before this is a headphone review, as I recently brought some new headphones from Amazon over the last couple of weeks which is called LETSCOM H10 Headphones and I thought I would give these a review just to tell you my thoughts and opinions on it and also just in case you are currently looking for some new headphones yourself

I would first of all definitely recommend these headphones to absolutely anyone who is currently looking on the market for cheap and affordable headphones, I know that a lot of people are more looking for high end headphones such as Beats for example but I do like to think that these headphones do exactly the same and feel a little bit as powerful as you would find with Beats headphones

Now at the time of writing this blog I got these headphones for £20 and as I say they are cheap and they are affordable and I do think that they are absolutely good for the price

The sound quality is amazing on these, the music is very loud on these as well which is good if you like to listen to your music full blast then these headphones are for you because they are very loud and get very loud when you hear your music on your phone or tablet devices on very high

I wanna talk about battery life now I don’t know yet because I have kept the battery fully charged before using the headphones, but I think I am gonna give this a test the battery because on the box and on the details listed on the Amazon page it says that the headphones can last up to 100 hours of playback, that’s 100 hours worth of music that you can listen to with these pair of headphones, so I will test the battery out but I think again that’s very good and I think that again with a battery as powerful as that you can’t complain about what you are getting for the price that you pay for these headphones

The other good thing and positive thing that I can tell you about these headphones is that they have a bass button at the side of the headphones where all the controls are, this is good because of you want to give the music you are listening to that extra bit of bass boost then you can do that at the push of a button and it’s such a good feature I have tried it a few times with a few songs and I find it a very good feature to have on these headphones and can say from experience that it does give it that extra boost

The headphones itself comes in this grey bag which I think is really nice the grey bag has a nice feel and texture to it as well, which makes the headphones feel a lot more premium as well, the headphones also come with a aux cable as well so if you choose to listen to music without the Bluetooth function then you have the ability to do that as long as the device you are listening to music on has the headphone jack function as a lot of devices these days are starting to phase out with the headphone jack as more and more people listen to music wirelessly with Bluetooth headphones

So that’s my thoughts and opinions on the LETSCOM H10 Headphones which as I say is cheap and affordable and also have that premium feel to it as well


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