SteveOfficial: Fleur East – Fearless Album Review

Welcome to my album review for Fleur East’s latest album review called Fearless

This is Fleur East’s second album, with her debut album being released a few years ago after her stint on The X Factor was a success (she didn’t win the show but she was popular among viewers) but I must admit that this album is a proper bop, as the kids of today would be saying

This album has been released now for over a week at the time of writing this blog and I have been listening to it with some new headphones (which I’ll be reviewing those new headphones in a future blog so keep an eye out for that) and I can feel the bass of this album pumping on my new headphones which is fantastic and amazing, I really do love this album

If you are stuck for albums to listen to while the UK is currently toy on lockdown at the time of writing this album then give this album a listen because it’s the feel good album that we all need right now in our lives to keep us motivated to keep us smiling and to keep us happy and sane too

I’m not sure if I should really say this in a review but there’s been times when I have been out in public listening to this album with my headphones on and I have just wanted to bust a move because this album is so good and it’s just a banger of an album too

We have got to that time of the blog now or the review should I say where I reveal what songs you can expect to find on the album if you decide to give this a listen to so here’s the official track listing:

– Easy To Love

– Lucky

– There She Go

– Size

– On And On

– Mine

– No Boy No Cry

– Things I Should’ve Said

– Figured Out

– Fame

– Who You Are

– Favourite Things

– Absence Speaks Louder Than Words

So that’s all the songs that you can expect to find on the album Fearless by Fleur East, and I can tell you that in total there is 13 songs on the album and the total running time of the album is 41 minutes

The album is available to purchase in all good retailers and is also available to purchase through iTunes and Google Play Music, you can also stream the album through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music


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