SteveOfficial Reviews: The Simpsons Season 19 DVD Boxset Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another new blog post from me SteveOfficial, today I’m taking a break from reviewing music and albums, as I have been reviewing some of those over the last few days and I have instead decided to review a DVD boxset

Now as far as I know I don’t think I have ever reviewed a DVD on my blog before because most of the things I watch theses days are either on Netflix or Amazon Prime, or I’m just catching up via BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub

Anyways so I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about The Simpsons Season 19 in a few moments but first a little backstory here, because I have ALL 19 seasons on DVD right now (even though there is over 31 seasons of The Simpsons) but there’s only 19 seasons on DVD here in the UK, anyways so I believe I started collecting The Simpsons box sets from around the age of 7 years old, I’m now 23 years old at the time of writing this post and I’m still collecting those DVD Boxsets today, I am pretty sure I remember the first DVD boxset I collected from The Simpsons was Season 5, and from there I collected the rest of the seasons from season one to season four and since season six onwards I’ve been collecting them on DVD whenever they get released

Now let’s move on to what this blog post is all about which is of course The Simpsons Season 19 on DVD, now this season has got some more classic episodes that I used to love watching on TV when I was growing up, I used to watch all those brand new episodes of The Simpsons every Sunday on Sky One before going out with my mum and sister down to this club to play bingo… ahhh the memories of my childhood really are flooding back in this blog post

So this season of The Simpsons has some great special guests, Kelsey Grammar returns as Sideshow Bob (I think Sideshow Bob is now in pretty much every season of The Simpsons) Glenn Close who plays Homer Simpson’s mother Mona Simpson returns to voice the character, I believe this is also the last season that we see Homers mother Mona alive too… reach for those tissues… also this season Jack Black also voices a character and also we see the return of Lurleen who was a love interest for Homer way back in Season 3 I believe and she is voiced by Beverly D’Angelo – there are so many more celebs who join the lineup this season too

I think my favourite episode of this season has to be Treehouse Of Horror XVIII because I do love the Treehouse Of Horror series which features on almost every season of The Simpsons but with this one it features an ET parody, a Mr and Mrs Jones parody as well it’s just such a good episode

Speaking of episodes I think it’s time for me to reveal what episodes you can expect to find this season of The Simpsons so without further ado let’s have a look at the episodes

– He Loves To Fly And He D’ohs

– The Homer of Seville

– Midnight Towboy

– I Don’t Wanna Know Why The Caged Birds Sings

– Treehouse Of Horror XVIII

– Little Orphan Millie

– Husbands And Knives

– Funeral For A Fiend

– Eternal Moonshine Of The Simpson Mind

– E Pluribus Wiggum

– That 90s Show

– Love, Springfieldian Style

– The Debarted

– Dial N For Nerder

– Smoke On The Daughter

– Papa Don’t Leech

– Apocalypse Cow

– Any Given Sundance

– Mona Leaves A

– All About Lisa

That’s the official 20 episodes that feature on this season of The Simpsons

There’s two things I love about this DVD boxset, the DVD itself inside the box where all the discs are kept, are kept in this crayon painted sleeve it’s really nice what I love about the boxset too is it has this blurb from the creator of Matt Groening which talks about the season but that’s hidden in a book style boxset front cover which has a Velcro on it, it’s so good and nice I just love it – there’s another thing I love about the DVD and that’s the DVD menu it just looks really cute and so damn nice plus the music is so mesmerising too on the DVD menu I could just have it on repeat all day to be honest

So that my thoughts and opinions of The Simpsons Season 19 which you can purchase at all good DVD retailers now


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