SteveOfficial Reviews: Harry Styles – Fine Line Album Review

Welcome to another blog post album review, in today’s blog post that I am writing about I am going to talk about Harry Styles new album called Fine Line

Now this album was actually released over a month ago and yes I have heard this album quite a lot over the last month but with Christmas taking over, I haven’t had the time (up until now) to write any album reviews or anything like that do without further ado let’s start by talking about the track listing

So here’s the official list of tracks that you can expect to hear on the album if you do decide to give this album a listen

– Golden

– Watermelon Sugar

– Adore You

– Lights Up

– Cherry

– Falling

– To Be So Lonely

– She

– Sunflower, Vol 6

– Canyon Moon

– Treat People With Kindness

– Fine Line

So let’s digest this album down a little bit, I’m not going to lie but I think I enjoyed this album a little bit better than I did the first debut album that Harry Styles did in 2017 not long after breaking up with One Direction, now I loved the tracks that featured on the first album and to this day I still adore that album but like I said I think I enjoyed this album more than I did the last one especially as over time I have been listening to this album before Christmas quite a lot

So here’s the first track that I loved listening to on the album, I loved listening to the first track of the album called Golden because it’s such a feel good song, and I think what’s really good about this song in a way is it gives me his first album vibes it feels like a track that he left off his debut album released in 2017, but I’m glad that if that was the case, that he did leave it off that album and put it on this album because it’s a great start to what the rest of the album has to offer

The second track that I loved from the album Fine Line by Harry Styles is Watermelon Sugar which is the second track on the album, now what I love so much about this track is that it’s so catchy “watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high” is how the chorus goes and that’s what makes the track so catchy

The third track on the album that I love to listen to is called Lights Up now this song was released weeks before the album was released and in fact was released weeks before Harry Styles announced the album Fine Line, I remember one Friday afternoon I was on my way home on the bus and I instantly fell in love with this track when I first heard it, so calm and so soothing too

The fourth track on the album that I love listening to is called She now what I love about this song is the chorus it’s so high pitched and so Harry Styles to me this shows how talented Harry Styles really is with this track I also love the guitar solo part of the track too

The fifth song that I love on this album is called Treat People With Kindness it’s such a groovy song and I don’t know what sort of vibes I get from this song but, it’s such a feel good song, I’m just still trying to work out what vibes I actually get from this track, I definitely know I do get some sort of vibe from it though

The sixth and final track on the album that I love is actually the final track on the album which is actually the name of the album title called Fine Line, it’s such a nice way to end the album especially as this is Harry Styles second album being a solo artist, it’s so calm and soothing it’s a six minute long track too, I just love the chorus of the track which goes something along the lines of “we’ll be a fine line” it repeats this line over and over again a little bit like Watermelon Sugars chorus but except more slow more calming more soothing it’s just a nice way to end the album and makes the album seem perfect too which I agree it is a perfect album

So that was Harry Styles album review of Fine Line which you can purchase on CD in all good retailers, and you can also purchase on iTunes and Google Play Music, plus you’re now able to stream the album via Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music too


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