SteveOfficial: Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia Album Review

It’s time for the next album review on my blogging website SteveOfficial this is Dua Lipas second album titled Future Nostalgia

So as I was just saying this is Dua Lipas second album, now I have heard her first album when she released that a couple of years ago and thought that sounded amazing and very inspirational to all the women out there, I found it to be a very powerful album to listen to, so I was extremely excited to listen to this album when it was released

So my thoughts on this album, well it didn’t disappoint if anything it sounded slightly better than the first album that Dua Lipa released a couple of years ago because it was more of a disco vibe and it was a really feel good album to get you all moving during these dark times at the time of writing this, this album couldn’t come at a better time to be honest

I do have a feeling that the number of tracks has been reduced on this album though compared to the first album but that doesn’t bother me that there’s less tracks on the album it’s still a feel good album and I could have this album on repeat all day if I could

Speaking of the track listings let’s take a look and see what songs you can expect to find on the album if you decide to give this album a listen go for yourself:

– Future Nostalgia

– Don’t Start Now

– Cool

– Physical

– Levitating

– Pretty Please

– Hallucinate

– Love Again

– Break My Heart

– Good In Bed

– Boys Will Be Boys

I’m gonna say something the last track on the album which is called Boys Will Be Boys is so catchy it’ll be in your head all day long after listening to that song anyways that’s all the track listings that you can expect to find on the album Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

Don’t Start Now is the track that stands out as the most disco vibed track that you can find on the album not only that but it’s also in the charts as well, so many people would have heard that song so many times as well

Dua Lipas Future Nostalgia is available on CD in all good retailers and is also available to purchase on iTunes and Google Play Music, the album is also available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and YouTube Music


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