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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! It certainly is in this blog post and in fact it will be the same for tomorrow’s (Friday 21st December) blog, Saturday 22nd December’s blog and Sunday 23rd December’s blog as I have decided to make a few Christmassy blog posts just in time before Christmas – in this blog post (which will heavily feature a lot of photos by the way) I have been exploring Bournemouth Lower Gardens as it impresses visitors and tourists with some of its Christmas Attractions!

This year Bournemouth have pulled out all the stops to make Christmas really magical, of course you have Castlepoint, Boscombe and Westbourne all decorated with festive lights but it’s the main Bournemouth Town Centre where you’ll find all the magical Christmas decorations

In Bournemouth Square you have an Alpine Lodge Bar with an amazing upper deck of the bar as well with an included balcony so you can look over the Town Centre while sipping a pint or drinking some hot chocolate (whatever takes your fancy) meanwhile you also have a huge Christmas Tree decorated with lights just sitting opposite the Alpine Lodge Bar and of you look up at the lampposts you’ll also see situated on them that they have Christmas decorations with multicoloured lights on them in the shape of a mini Christmas Tree

What you’ll also find on Bournemouth Square is these small huts (which do appear every year in Bournemouth Square) that feature all sorts of things they serve hot chocolate, churros, Yorkshire pudding wraps, sweets, signs, long lead charges for your smartphone and tablet and al much more, they are very small little huts but they look amazing and they have a Christmas feel to them on the outside as well as on the inside. Members of the public can find these huts all over Bournemouth Square as they go up towards Bournemouth Triangle and you can find more of the huts opposite the bus station in Bournemouth Square

Lets have a look at what else you can see in Bournemouth Town Centre as if you go up through Bournemouth Square and past McDonalds you’ll be able to see a light up bauble which unfortunately I do not have a photo of, but it does look absolutely amazing and you can walk under it as well making you feel like you’re in the festive mood as you walk under it also at the bottom of Bournemouth Triangle next to the Upside Down House you can see a giant Teddy Beat which I think made its first debut appearance in Bournemouth last year and has returned by popular demand

The teddy bear photo that I have put in this blog post a paragraph ago is the first thing you’ll seas you walk down into Bournemouth Lower Gardens, you won’t just see this teddy ear though as the trees that you walk past to get to the Gardens also feature some festive multicoloured lights on them as well

This is the next decoration that you see as you start to go more into the garden, what I really love about this decoration is how perfectly lit up it is and also the baubles on this look amazing as well especially as they are glowing and have that reflection from the light

Now this is the main attraction of Christmas Tree Wonderland and that is this 60ft Christmas Tree filled with 1000s and 1000s of multicoloured LED lights on them, this tree is probably the highest tree there is in Bournemouth Gardens currently at the time of writing this blog post, but it looks really amazing lit up and it also comes with our Christmas Music as you get closer and closer to the tree and of course as you walk under it as well the music is really loud which is nice and also whilst you’re under the Christmas Tree tunnel it looks really cute with the lights lighting up the place and giving you the Christmas vibes

So there are a few Christmas Trees in Bournemouth Gardens that are together and they are a big tree, medium tree and a small tree what I like about them is that the colours alternate from time to time so at one point you can walk towards the trees of three as I like to call them and see all three of them lit up in a green colour then as you walk past them they could be all lit up with blue lights which I think is really nice

Now I’m gonna be honest in them collection of photos I have just put in this blog there is a tree that is really poorly decorated in my opinion I mean that tree it just literally to me looks like they put the tree up and then just thrown the lights onto the tree hoping that the lights don’t fall off it, that’s just my opinion of the tree but what I do like about it, is what’s underneath there tree which is the lit up presents and they come in different colours as well which is really nice

There’s a couple more huge trees that you can spot around Bournemouth Lower Gardens as well, there’s a pink tree and there’s also the green tree as well

I find these two photos that I have taken really cute and as a matter of fact what I really like about them is that these two decorations that Bournemouth have situated in their Lower Gardens is probably THE most cutest Christmas decorations out of all the Christmas decorations there is in Bournemouth, and they are standing next to each other as well in the Gardens but these are light up Gingerbread Men and Gingerbread Woman

I really like this decoration in Bournemouth Gardens because it’s telling people about the tradition of Christmas and the true meaning of it which in my opinion I feel like people have forgotten the tradition and true meaning of Christmas over the years so it’s nice to have this decoration out on display as a reminder of what Christmas is all about and where it originated from

Much further on in the Lower Gardens and heading out towards the pier approach we have this tree here which is the same size as the green and pink trees I showcased in my blog earlier but this one had snowflakes on it which I really like

These lights can be found on most of the trees as you wonder around the Gardens just to make them feel a little bit Christmassy

There are also these multicoloured lights going around near the pier approach as well, Bournemouth have done really well with how they have showcased their multicoloured lights

A very bright white LED Christmas Tree which to be honest looks a little bit weird, it has no leaves on it, maybe it was just a tree to indicate that it’s Autumn and has no leaves on it, maybe it’s just the outline of a normal Autumnal tree with bright LED lights on

I really love this shot that I have taken because this is basically describing what Bournemouth Gardens and Bournemouth Pier Approach looks like currently at the time of writing this blog post at night when everything’s all lit up especially with the Bournemouth Wheel in the background as well

Even the cocktail bar near the pier has all been decorated with full of festivity as well

I really do love this tree and the reason why is because I like to call it the bubble tree because it just looks like bubbles to be honest and they are all lit up with white lights making them stand out and look so bright as well

And finally some photos of me under the 60ft Christmas Tree and also in front of the tree of threes that I referenced earlier in the blog

So that’s the end of another blog post, and I want to say Bournemouth have done themselves proud and have pulled out all the stops to make this Christmas a Christmas you’ll never forget and also I forgot to mention but they always have their annual ice skating rink situated in Bournemouth Gardens alongside a second Alpine Lodge bar as well for you to enjoy a hot drink or whatever takes your fancy, I must say I really enjoyed taking the photos and I’m really starting to get in the festive spirit with only 5 days to go at the time of writing this until the big day arrives


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