SteveOfficial: Spenser Confidential Netflix Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review I have for you on my blogging website and it’s a movie that I have watched recently on Netflix called Spenser Confidential that stars Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke

I know both of these actors from previous films that I have watched, Mark Wahlberg I have seen in movies such as Ted and Ted 2 and I know that he’s also done another movie called Instant Family which I have never seen before so maybe that could be a future blog that I will be writing (just wait and see) but I also know Winston Duke as he’s played a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie called Black Panther and has also played a character called Gabe and Abe in the movie called Us that was released last year, so I know the actors very well that play the main roles in this Netflix original movie

So what are my thoughts on this movie? Well to be honest I didn’t find it as great as what it would be, I found that the plot for me was just too confusing to keep up with I know that in some parts of the movie it did have me interested at times but I was still all confused and didn’t know really what was going on at times, I did though in some places find the movie to be slightly funny but it was more of a serious movie than a comedy to be honest

My thoughts before I watched this movie was that it’s gonna be a great movie it could be a comedy because of the fact that I know Mark Wahlberg has appeared in Ted and that was a comedy movie, but it just turns out the movie is just more serious more of a crime drama than anything else

The movie towards the end though does set the movie up for a sequel now baring in mind here at the time of writing this blog that the film was only released on Netflix over a month ago so any news on a sequel for this movie is something that right now is up in the air but I am sure that they couldn’t leave the movie on an open end the way that they did

So would I recommend this film to anyone else? Well just because I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought I was going to before I started watching this on Netflix that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone of course I would but only for those who are into their crime drama and who don’t like a lot of action in movies, there are some action sequences in this movie and some violence too but not too much


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