Meeting Zoe For The THIRD Time!!!


Welcome to a new blog post and at long last I am back after having a few weeks off rom blogging throughout the summer – and this is one of the things that I got up to over the summer – thats right seeing my beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend from Walsall, Birmingham, called Zoe

It was so nice getting to spend another week with her again and we did quite a lot together – I took her to a river near where I live and we had a wonder around there which was so nice we also had a little bit of a sit down and had a cute conversation together and we also kissed and cuddled near the river as well – it was such a nice time with her

Before I met Zoe, I have never had a Days Restaurant, now Days is a all you can eat buffet and it was so damn good I cant believe I have never been there in the six years that I have lived in Bournemouth until Zoe took me there in August but it was also very special going there as well because not only was we having a cute dinner date but that dinner date was such a special date because it was our six month anniversary date as well, which is so nice because we just got to eat loads and loads and we were also talking a lot as well about what memories we have made during the six months being together which I know wasn’t many but there was still a few memories that we have made together during the six months we’ve dated like when we first met each other and went on our first date together


We also went to Christchurch, now the only time I have ever been to Christchurch during my six years of living in Bournemouth was when I have had hospital appointments, me and Zoe did go to Christchurch (not for one of my hospital appointments though) but to have a wonder around the high street and we also had a sit down by the Quay in Christchurch as well which was really nice because it was very quiet and we once again had a chat about what we were gonna plan on doing for the rest of the day and also about how the week was going for us both as well


We also had a wonder around the high street as well which I will be honest there was a few shops that had me interested but I felt as though there was more restaurants than shops itself I don’t know if Zoe felt the same way but that was my opinion we did go into a few shops though like Poundland for instance and we did get a drink and something to eat as well and we also had Greggs for lunch as well after visiting the Quay which is weird because I think that was the first Greggs that I have had in years, I used to have Greggs a lot when I lived in Basingstoke before moving to Bournemouth but now don’t have Greggs that often

During the five days that Zoe was visiting me in Bournemouth we decided to have McDonalds breakfast for the three days (other than the last day which was Friday) and to be honest we both didn’t mind and we loved having McDonalds breakfast I had the sausage, egg and cheese bagel and Zoe had some pancakes with syrup on them and there was one morning during that week where I had a feats for breakfast not going to lie I had a sausage, egg and cheese bagel as well as pancakes as well one morning Zoe couldn’t believe that I could demolish that but hey I am a guy who loves his food and I know breakfast is supposed to be a light thing but that morning I really was hungry – on the Friday we didn’t have a McDonalds breakfast instead me and Zoe got the bus back home and we had toast at my house whilst watching some TV


We also did something else that I have never done before in my life and that was going to see the last showing of a movie at the cinema now we did this quite often during the week that she was down in August, we only went to one cinema showing that was during the day, the rest of them we watched late at night, but heres the late night showings that we went and watched: Ant-Man & The Wasp and The First Purge, now I’ll be honest The First Purge I stayed wide awake for during the entire film and I would also like to add that its not in the cinema anymore but it was such a weird film to watch to be honest and really creepy as well but Ant-Man & The Wasp I fell asleep during that one and its not my fault and before you think I fell asleep in that film because it was boring thats not the case I love Marvel films and I loved watching Avengers: Infinity War with Zoe earlier this year but I had my head on Zoe and she was putting her hands through my hair and because she was really warm as well to made me fall asleep as well so I missed the last 20 minutes of that movie but the good thing is that I did catch the post credits scene though which builds up to Avengers 4 when that gets released in 2019

The other film that me and Zoe went and saw together which was during the day was The Darkest Minds now we went and saw this movie on the day that it was released in cinemas and once again I fell asleep in that movie as well and it was the same reason as to when I fell asleep during Ant – Man & The Wasp, because Zoe was putting her hands through my hair and also because she was warm as well, I am not the type of person that falls asleep during the cinema but clearly when I go to the cinema in future its gonna be a struggle watching the movie whilst being cuddled up to Zoe on the recliner seats – and for those wondering how much of The Darkest Minds I missed due to me sleeping, I missed 45 minutes of that movie because Zoe made me fall asleep

Me and Zoe also went to bowling and oh my god we were both so competitive during the two games that we played each other but its ok guys because I won TWICE – the second game we played Zoe thought she was actually going too beat me the second time because I wasn’t earning as many points as her at the start of the second game but thank god I got TWO strikes in a row which caused me to win the second game and I do have a photo of the final score which you’ll se below this paragraph


Me and Zoe also went to Poole Quay which Zoe branded as her “favourite place” when she first visited Bournemouth in April 2018 but also I didn’t know this until we went to Poole  Quay this time but they have a mini arcade just opposite the Quay which me and Zoe went into and we also had fish and chips by the Quay as well for dinner as well as a sit down and overlooking the Quay as well which was so nice and such a great way to end the day as well

Me and Zoe also went to Bournemouth beach a few times as well whilst she was down for the week in August and it was so nice there was even a morning where me and her went for a walk along the beach after having a McDonalds breakfast which was so nice and the good thing was that whilst Zoe was down for the week, the heatwave was still around meaning that we had good weather for the entire week and there was quite a few people at the beach especially early in the morning as well

Me and Zoe did also go to the arcades a few times as well which were near Bournemouth beach, I think I was still playing on 2p coin machine when all her 2p coins had run out is she was standing there watching me put all my 2p coins in the machine and winning more 2p coins – I now kind of feel bad typing that (kind of makes me feel like I was a bad boyfriend to her then and I should have gave her a few of my 2p coins that I was winning from the machine)

Me and Zoe also went to Boscombe together as well – we went to the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Boscombe and we went to Lidl, Game and CeX as well, in Game I brought myself a new gaming headset that I tried out after my week away with Zoe and by the way its amazing I absolutely love it – I also brought these two gaming t-shirts which were Crash Bandicoot t-shirts, they fitted me perfectly and I really liked them because after all I am a gamer plus when I was out and about wearing them – people were complementing my shirt which as so nice

Finally me and Zoe stayed at a hotel which wasn’t the Premier Inn and the reason why we didn’t stay at our normal hotel was because its the summer and hotel prices go up and because we booked the hotel in advance, the hotel we booked was more cost efficient than the normal Premier Inn hotel that we go to – so the hotel that me and Zoe strayed in this time was The Russel Court Hotel in Bournemouth and I am not gonna lie it was a nice spacious hotel room that we had but we had to put the beds together – thats right all throughout the week we didn’t have a double bed to sleep on instead w had three single beds in the bedroom so we just pushed them all up together so that we could sleep next to each other in the evening – the only thing that I wouldn’t complain about in the hotel room is the view because the view outside the window was amazing because we were looking out to the beach and the sea it was just a perfect view and was absolutely amazing – I loved looking out there at night especially because Bournemouth beach at night lights up and it just looks so pretty

So the week unfortunately came to an end with me and Zoe both going out separate ways once again – that is the saddest part of the week I know but at least I know that she will be back for my birthday in November and it gives me great pleasure to announce in this blog that my girlfriend Zoe will be back on November 2nd 2018 – November 5th 2018 so expect to see a blog post all about that weekend very soon.



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