SteveOfficial: Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Welcome to another movie review, this is the review for the movie called Horrible Bosses now this movie has been out for years and years and you are probably wondering why am I reviewing the movies that have been out for years, I’ll explain so at the time of writing these blog posts we are currently here in the UK on lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak now because I can’t go to the cinema to see the latest movie releases as they have closed at the time of writing this blog, I am not able to go and see any of the new and lest eat movies so instead rather than not writing any blogs for months and months on end I am instead watching and reviewing movies that I have not seen before and most of those movies come from Netflix and over the next week or so on my blogging website there’s gonna be a lot more movie receives of movies that I have never seen before that are available to watch on Netflix, I also find these movie reviews that the readers of my blogs reads are also very helpful because it’s giving them inspiration as to what to watch while we are on lockdown at the moment here in the UK

So now that I have explained that I also want to add that tomorrow I will be doing a review for the sequel to this movie as well, so here’s the review for the first movie that I have recently watched on Netflix and is available to watch on Netflix at the time of writing this blog

This movie has got what I like to call an all star casts, it has stars such as Jennifer Anniston who a lot of people will know from a handful of movies and if you don’t know her from a handful of movies then surely you’ll know her as Rachel from the TV series FRIENDS

The movie also stars the likes of Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx as well, the movie is about three guys who all have horrible bosses as the title of the film suggests, and so decide to hire someone to murder them, I know that you’re all thinking by now that this sounds like a dark movie or at least a horror movie but I promise you this isn’t a horror movie at all it’s in fact a comedy movie, anyways so the reason why they want their bosses is murdered is because they can’t leave their jobs as their bosses won’t allow them to do so

Without going into too much detail the three characters are then left with cooking up a plan as to how to get rid of their bosses once and for all but does their plan eventually succeed? Well you’re gonna have to watch to find that out for yourself – but what did I think of the movie? Well I thought that the movie was great and was hilariously funny in some places as well and I can’t wait for you guys to see what my thoughts are on the sequel when I review that for my blogging website tomorrow (April 20th)


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