SteveOfficial Reviews: Meghan Trainor: TREAT MYSELF Album Review

Hello and welcome to another album review by me SteveOfficial – so today I’ll be reviewing the recently released album TREAT MYSELF by Meghan Trainor which has been available to listen to via Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and Amazon Music for the last week now and it has also been available to buy on CD in all good retailers as well

So we are going to start this album review off by taking a look at the track listing for this album so here are the tracks you can expect to listen to if you give this album a listen

– Wave

– Nice To Meet Ya

– Funk

– Babygirl

– Workin On It

– Ashes

– Lie To Me

– Here To Stay

– Blink

– Genetics

– Evil Twin

– After You

– Another Opinion

– No Excuses

– Have You Now

So those are the 15 tracks that you can expect to hear on the album TREAT MYSELF by Meghan Trainor now there’s a couple of songs on this album which have got some explicit words in and here’s the tracks that feature some explicit words in

– Blink

– Wave

So those are the two tracks that are explicit now let’s take a look at some of my personal favourite tracks taken from the album TREAT MYSELF by Meghan Trainor

So the first track that I am loving from this album is called Funk, because it’s exactly what it says on the track itself it’s just a really funky tune to be honest and also not only that but when I first gave this track a listen, I was getting some Uptown Funk inspiration from Bruno Mars, maybe that’s what inspired Meghan to write this track was because of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars after all it does have those sort of vibes to it

The next track that I am loving from this album is called Workin On It, it’s just such a nice track and plus Meghan also collaborated on this track with an artist called Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan

The third track that I am loving from this album is called Lie To Me, it’s just one of those songs that I would probably go away and have stuck in my head for the rest of the day to be honest and I’m sure if you give this album a listen to yourself you’ll be feeling the same

The fourth track taken from the album TREAT MYSELF by Meghan Trainor that I’m loving is called Here To Stay now this song is actually playing while I write this paragraph and I just find it so soothing and so slow as well, not all the tracks that Meghan performs on this album are all upbeat, there are some slow songs and this is just one of them

The next track that I am loving from this album is called Blink, “better not be blink, better not blink, better not blink, because you don’t wanna miss this” okay this song is another one that’s gonna get stuck in my head when I have finished this album, because it sounds so good and so catchy – well I better do as Meghan says and not blink

The final two tracks that I have enjoyed from this album is No Excuses because it has been in the charts before the album was released and it’s such a feel good track to listen to and the final track that I have enjoyed from the album Treat Myself by Meghan Trainor is the final track on the album called Have You now it’s just such a beautiful song and such an amazing way to end such a great album to listen to

The question is will I be listening to this album again? I definitely will be because it’s such an amazing album filled with some feel good tracks and some slow songs as well which is what I love to listen to when it comes to albums like this

So there we go that’s my review of Meghan Trainor’s brand new album called TREAT MYSELF which you can buy on CD at all good retailer stores now as well as digitally purchasing the album from Google Play Music and iTunes, you can also stream the album from Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and YouTube Music


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