SteveOfficial: Cider Tasting At The Stable In Bournemouth

Welcome to a new blog post from SteveOfficial, in this blog post I am writing about an event that I recently went to along with Bournemouth Bloggers which was a cider tasting event, you may remember a couple of weeks ago I blogged on my website about coming to this venue for a Pizza School which you can read here: SteveOfficial Goes To Pizza School

Staying with the cider tasting though and I came to The Stable on Wednesday 5th June 2019 to try out some of their ciders that they have on the menu, I also got to learn about some of the ciders too thanks to the very cider obsessed teacher Ross who was showcasing the ciders in the event.

We started off the session by trying out Rapscallion cider which was a really nice cider and was made by The Stable themselves, we then got to sit down as a group around the table where Ross introduced himself and told us what would be happening during the event

As you can see in the image above we were all given these cards as the cider awards is coming up soon so we were all given voting cards so that we could all give a cider a tick as to what one we enjoyed the most – the ciders that you can see in the image above was the ciders that we got to try in the order that they are in – a lot of the ciders were very low in alcohol percentage but the one that was the strongest alcohol percentage was the last one which is called Gospel Green Cyder which is classed as champagne cider

Now before we started off the ciders we tried sugar syrup (I know it does look like water) but sugar syrup is really clear fluid but it’s not something that you should drink in one go if you was to try it – sugar syrup is something that you should take a small sip of (which is what I did) it has a very sweet and sugary taste to it but it also had a really nice taste to it too now sugar syrup is one of the things that’s goes into the cider, they only put a small amount of sugar syrup in the cider – it is one of the ingredients that does go into the cider is sugar syrup but we wouldn’t notice it because it’s only a small percentage that goes into it

so here’s goes the first cider of the event that we got to try at The Stable in Bournemouth and as you can see in the image above it was called Mad Jack – I did t really think much of Mad Jack it tasted like normal apple juice I gave this cider a 6/10 because of how it tasted

The next cider that we got to try at the event was called Bumblebee and again it weren’t too bad – it had a nice taste to it but you can kind of feel it to be a little bit more alcoholic compared to the last cider that we tried

We took a little break from the event after we tried the first two ciders and had some food which was taken from The Stable menu, they had seafood pizzas, a hoisin duck pizza and Jerk Chicken pizza and they also had some vegan option pizzas too, they also had some stuffed wedges too that we got to try, I really enjoyed he seafood pizza and hoisin duck pizza, the jerk chicken pizza was really spicy and I had to have a drink after finishing that pizza because of how spicy it was and the stuffed wedges were absolutely amazing, all of these pizzas and wedges can be found on The Stable menu

After stuffing our faces with pizzas and wedges it’s time for us to get back to cider tasting and it was time for the third cider of the night which was called PX I felt as though it did taste slightly the same as the first cider that we tried which was Mad Jack, when I tried this cider I did tell the group that out of the three ciders that I tried so far this one would be put in the middle between the first one and the second one that we tried at the event

Onto the fourth cider of the night which was called Night Bird which had a lot of flavour to it, you could really taste the apple fruit in this cider which I thought was really nice about this cider

Onto the fifth cider and this one was called Silly Moo which was really nice and I felt as though it had a really funny name to the cider as well, Ross did tell us the reason behind the name of this cider which of course had something to do with Cows hence the title Silly Moo

Onto the sixth cider now and this was called Duddas Tun which was absolutely beautiful it had a very fruity taste to it which I enjoyed and was also apricot flavoured too

Onto the seventh cider that we got to try at the event in The Stable Bournemouth and this cider was called Crafty Nectars No.8 which had a really lovely and beautiful taste to it, and I felt like the apple taste was noticeable in this alcoholic drink too

Onto the eighth cider that we got to taste test and this was called Ramborn Perry which again had a very fruity taste to it which was really nice and I also enjoyed the after taste to it as well

We then took another short break from cider tasting and went outside the front of The Stable in Bournemouth and we did something called Cider throwing which we all had a go at in the group, we basically had to have our arms up straight and the glass in front of us as low as we could go, then we poured the cider from the bottle into the glass

We went onto our ninth cider of the night which was Murmuration which had a really good taste to it and was really lovely as well.

This was the tenth and final cider that we got to taste for the night was as I mentioned earlier in the blog cider champagne but that wasn’t the official title for this cider, the official title for the cider was called Gospel Green Cyder which as I mentioned has the biggest percentage of alcohol out of all the ciders that we got to try that night – it had a really good taste to it and I felt like it was a little stronger than the rest of the ciders but then again it could have been the percentage in the alcohol that made it taste a little stronger

I had a really nice night trying out all these ciders and of course the cider awards are currently open for voting at the time of writing this blog, I wanna thank Bournemouth Bloggers and The Stable in Bournemouth for allowing me to come along to the event to try out the ciders – all these ciders are also available on the menu in The Stable as well


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