SteveOfficial: The Decline Netflix Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review on my blogging website for a movie that I have recently watched on Netflix called The Decline

I do hope that me posting these daily movie reviews at the moment is not only helping you with the self isolation that you are all going through at the time of writing this blog but is also inspiring you to watch or at least give these movies that I’m reviewing a go that are available to watch on Netflix

So my thoughts on The Decline? Well at first I did think to myself what am I watching? Because the movie just felt really slow and really boring at first and I was starting to lose interest, then we get to about half way through the movie when we know finally what the movie is all about and from there that’s when I was left on the edge of my seat, there was some very thrilling and dramatic sequences to this movie and then that’s when I started to enjoy the movie

There was some fight scenes that made me say out loud “ouch that’s gotta hurt” but not only that but there was some scenes in the movie that was deemed really graphic and gory but I didn’t mind that at all

The plot of the movie is at first deemed to be really confusing for me at the start, I didn’t really know the full plot of the movie but it was until this group of characters were on an army base camp site and an accident between one of the group members happens without going into too much detail that they then all become involved in some sort of human hunting event… it kind of reminded me of the movie The Hunt that I went and saw a couple of weeks ago at the time of writing this blog at the cinema before it closed due to COVID19

So like I say this movie did end up becoming something I wasn’t expecting it to be, I thought it was going to be very dull and very morning but it actually turned out in the end to be a fantastic movie and one that I would probably watch again


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