SteveOfficial: Yes Man Movie Review

I found this movie really sweet and really comedic in some places too – welcome to the next movie review that I have for you this movie is titled Yes Man and it’s a movie that stars Jim Carey as the character Carl who has to say yes to everything he does or gets asked to do

So as I was just saying in the opening of this blog post is that the movie was comedic in some places such as when Carl, goes to the Yea seminar, and everyone starts shouting yes really loudly in the audience, and he just jumps straight out of his skin that was a hilarious scene, and also when he has Red Bull the night before he goes for a run with a woman who he might one might called Alison

I also enjoyed the scene when he gave a homeless man a lift to a park and the man uses his phone until the battery dies and takes all of his money too

So I really did enjoy this movie and as I have said in one of my previous blogs that I have been watching a lot of movie lately that feature Jim Carey within the movies

So would I recommend this movie to anyone? Well yes of course I would recommend this movie to friends and family because it has its very funny and comedy moments within them movie but it also has its sweet and heartwarming moments within the film as well

Yes Man is a movie that’s available to watch at anytime on the streaming service Netflix – so you can watch it at the touch of a button anytime you like


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