SteveOfficial: Wizards Of Waverley Place Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post on my blogging website SteveOfficial and in today’s blog post that I will be writing I will be discussing and reviewing the show Wizards Of Waverley Place which is a show available to watch right now over on Disney+ in the UK and worldwide (some countries may vary)

What can I say about this show? Well let me first of all start off by saying this show is one from my childhood I remember getting home every week after school turning on Disney Channel and watching a brand new episode of this show every week when I got home from school. I used to love growing up with this show to be honest

The show stars David Deluise, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone and David Henrie and I must say that this is the show that started off Selena Gomez career in acting but also she did become a singer from this show as well – she actually sang the main theme tune to this show as well so this not only started off her actions career but her music career too

What I do remember from my childhood going back to the whole new episode thing every week after school is that I remember coming away from each episode thinking ok well that episode was really funny that’s gonna be put down as one of my favourite episodes from the series and then there was some episodes which I thought okay those episodes weren’t for me and I found them to be quite weak (I guess you do get that with a lot of shows to be honest)

If you’re wondering what the show is all about, well the show is about a bunch of wizards who are teenagers and only one of them will be able to keep their powers as a wizard after competing their training fully, but they also have the struggles of keeping their wizard identity a secret in the real world as well and you can see within the series that it’s quite difficult for the Russo family to keep it a secret especially when Alex (played by Gomez) is hiding it from her best friend in high school Harper (Played by Stone)

I would definitely recommend this series to absolutely anybody and it’s a fantastic series to watch and good for the family as well so if you’re looking for a show to watch them make it this one which is available to watch right now on Disney+ – they also do have a movie of the series as well which is available to watch on Disney+ right now as well

So that’s my review for Wizards Of Waverley Place I hope you guys give this series a watch and thank you for reading my blog post


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