SteveOfficial: You Were Never Really Here Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review which I have recently watched – now this movie has a little bit of a backstory to it, I watched this movie because I saw a post by LADBible on Facebook and they were saying how good the movie was and how good the actor Joaquin Phoenix is who stars in this movie, so I thought I would give this movie a watch and tell you my thoughts on this movie and whether I would recommend this movie to friends and family

So I know Joaquin Phoenix from one movie and one movie only, that movie is called Joker which was released last year in 2019, I thought that the movie was really good and I also loved Joaquin Phoenix playing the character of The Joker in that movie

Now what I can tell you about this movie is that the movie is a very dark story I can tell that Joaquin Phoenix is an actor who loves to play the role of characters who are very suicidal and that’s what we find with his character in this movie, it’s quite a depressing kind of movie but I am not gonna lie though, as LADBible have been saying about fans who have watched this movie – Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar for this movie and some fans of the movie has said he played the role better in this movie than he did when he played The Joker in the movie Joker last year

I tell you what there are a few scenes that I thought were fantastically played out, there was a scene where we see Joaquin Phoenix’s character with rocks in his pocket as he is underwater carrying a body with him as he goes deeper and deeper underwater, you just see him standing underwater very still, and you just hear the thoughts that are going through his mind while he is stood there underwater, we hear the voice of a woman counting in his mind, there’s another scene where we see him having these visions of him jumping off a really tall building by the looked of it too, these scenes despite them being very dark and the character having these really dark thoughts but they are played out on screen fantastically

So although this movie does have its negatives because of the fact it’s really dark but it’s also a very positive movie because of how well and how fantastically the scenes played out – the movie has been out on Netflix since November 2019 and is available to watch anytime on the streaming service, I would recommend this movie but I do warn you though be prepared to see some very strong and dark scenes ahead with this movie


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