SteveOfficial: Life After Post Lockdown

Hello guys I will start by welcoming you all back – to the loyal readers who take the time to read these blog posts I really appreciate you reading them and seeing what my thoughts and opinions are on certain things whether it’s places that I go or things that I have watched such as movies I really appreciate you guys taking the time out to read my blogs

I also wanna welcome you all back because now I am finally able to write more new content for my blogging website and it’s starting with this blog post that I have put together, today what you’ll be reading is life in post lockdown.

As you maybe aware (unless you’ve been living under a rock for half the year) the world has come together to fight a pandemic… a deadly virus that has unfortunately costed thousands and thousands of lives… people are still catching the virus and there are still new daily cases every day as well but here in the UK the lockdown has been eased, life is starting to return back to some form of normality and the number of deaths and the infection rate are at the time of writing this starting to reduce down but of course it’s still early days the Coronavirus is still with us and we have not yet a checked a vaccine that could kill this virus off so it’s early days yet

There has been promising news about the vaccine, Oxford University are currently running human trials on a potential vaccine and at the time of writing this blog post they have recently revealed that it does appear to be “safe” and can “train the immune system” which is promising news but there are still further tests to be carried out on this vaccine before it does get approved to be used medically

So enough about the Coronavirus updates now, this blog is also focusing on me and what I have been up to during lockdown and also in the post lockdown world… to be honest get ready to be slightly disappointed because really I didn’t do a lot

So I wanna start with the start of the lockdown as you guys may have read on my blogging website I was posting daily blog posts on here of movies that I have recently been watching – these movies did vary but a lot of these movies like Horrible Bosses and Yes Man were all movies that I watched on Netflix. Now after a while I stopped writing those blog posts.. just purely because there was a lot of movies that I was planning on watching and I didn’t really have the time to sit here watch a movie, review it on my blogging site then move on to the next one.. I have been absent on my blogging site for a fair few months now and this is actually the first time in those few months where I have opened up the WordPress app and wrote anything down that’ll end up being published to my website

So of course I stopped writing those blogs after a while due to the fact that I just didn’t want to feel my entire blogging site up with movie reviews, yeah I love doing movie reviews just like I love doing music and album reviews but I just didn’t really want to clog up my blog site with all these movie reviews that I watched during lockdown

In this next part of the blog I’ll be talking about what else has happened during lockdown and post lockdown:

The Hungry Steve

So this is something that’s only recently happened… I have made an Instagram account purely about food… well food and drink – so on this new Insta page I have made I’ll be posting a review of meals, snacks and drinks that I have – now when I say meals, I mean meals that I go and eat out at like at a restaurant, there’s already a Wetherspoons post up on my Instagram feed as you can see pictures above, that’s gonna be the first of many spoons posts that I’ll be posting over the coming weeks by the way

What I can say is last week at the time of writing this I actually had salmon and chips for dinner I did take a photo of this and it will be going up on this Instagram page over the coming days.. so there will be some meals that I have eaten at home that’ll be going on this page but that’s only on the odd occasion

So what to expect on this Instagram page? Well expect me to take photos of eating meals out whether that’s a KFC, MCDonalds, Wetherspoons, 7Bone Burger, Burger King, Subway, Shakeaway, Yobu, Five Guys, Harry Ramsdens Fish & Chips, you name it, it’s going up on this Instagram page and of course there will be things that I try from the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi that’ll also be going up on this page as well… really looking forward to sharing content, gracing your feeds with food and drink posts and talking all things snacks and drinks with you guys…

I know I’m not alone in doing content like this… it’s just nice because if there’s something I’ve tried and tasted and I recommend the product to other people of course I wanna promote it of course I wanna get my thoughts out there because it’ll hopefully make people wanna go “you know what this guy seems to like this product I’m gonna give this a go myself”

Funko Steve

Again this is another Instagram page that I would love you guys to follow of you get the time to do so… during lockdown I decided to buy my first few Funko Pop Vinyls… I feel like I have started a new hobby here or something because people do collect them… normally people keep them in the box to add more value to them in years to come – me on the other hand? No I take them out the box, take pictures of them to post on Instagram and they stand on my window sill looking at me while I watch TV in my bedroom…

I have as you can tell quite a following on this page already this is a page that has been running since around May 2020 so it’s been up on Instagram to follow for quite some time now and more and more content will be added to this page especially when I start collecting more Funko Pop figurines which I can confirm I’ll be getting some more very soon…

So if you have not yet followed this Instagram page then please give it a follow as I’ll be updating this Instagram page often with. We additions and even more content soon…

Steve’s Binge: TV Series

What you guys have just seen here is the ENTIRE list of shows that I plan on bingeing now my aim here is to make this last until at least the end of this year but to be honest and let’s be honest here there is no way that I am gonna binge all of this within the space of the next four or five months we have left of the year so I am more aiming to have binged all of this by the time we get to around July next year

Given how many seasons of The Simpsons and Classic Doctor Who there is as well that’ll at least take me half a year to binge all of those… well that’s a bit over exaggerating but you get the point

One more thing that I’ll add is the green ticks that you can see in the photos are the TV shows that I have watched so far during lockdown there isn’t many as you can tell that I have watched but I’m slowly getting through the binges – all the binges that you can see are TV shows from the likes of Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and BritBox as well

Steve’s Binge: Movies

So what you guys have just seen listed here is ALL the movies that I plan to watch between now and the end of this year – I think this is gonna be a lot more reasonable to say that I’ll finish this binge by the end of the year rather than say that I’ll finish the TV series binge by the end of the year

I know how many movies there are here there over 200+ movies that I plan to binge between now and the end of the year but I can tell you this at the time of writing this blog post I have been bingeing a lot of movies recently such as Harry Potter I have watched the entire franchise of Harry Potter and I have also watched the entire Scream franchise as well as the Jaws franchise I’m now halfway through watching the entire James Bond franchise at the moment.. I am currently gonna be bingeing lot of movies on my TV in my room and on my iPad between now and the 10th August from 10th August I’ll be getting back to bingeing some TV series I just thought it’s nice to have that break away from watching TV shows and just binge movies for a few weeks some of these movies like the Harry Potter and jaws franchise I haven’t even really watched before but I am so glad that I have now watched these franchises because I can now safely say to someone that I have watched them when they ask me in the future if I’ve watched it or not

Again like the TV series binge list as you can see there are some green ticks next to some of those movies that’s just to indicate that I have watched those movies so far.. in the space of a week at the time of writing this I have watched around 35 possibly more than that movies which is amazing who knows within a couple of weeks time I could be already halfway down this list of movies I’d like to binge by the end of the year

What I also wanna add here is that in that list I do wanna watch the entire Marvel and Star Wars saga, in that list you can see that these movies are in the correct chronological order of how to watch the Marvel movies and the Star Wars movies as well… so really looking forward to sitting down and watching the entire Marvel saga and Star Wars saga in the correct way on Disney+

The only thing I’ll add here is not all the Marvel movies are on Disney+ like SpiderMan Homecoming and Far From Home aren’t on there and neither is The Incredible Hulk so Amazon Prime is gonna be the place to be at to watch those movies when I get to that but the entire Skywalker Saga is on Disney+ though so I’ll be glad to watch all those movies in chronological order when I get to those hopefully by the end of the year

Steve’s YouTube Channel:

The next thing I wanted to talk about on my blog was my YouTube channel SteveOfficial and I must say that I have been very active on YouTube a lot during lockdown and in a post lockdown world as well… I have been updating everyone on the events going on around the UK in terms of what’s been happening with the Coronavirus with my own series called Steve’s Coronavirus Update – that series has now come to an end and I’ll be doing episodes of Steve’s Coronavirus Update as and when there’s new developments in terms of the Coronavirus

I have also been doing my How Many Steps and Top 40 UK charts videos as well which are features you normally would find in my Weekly Vlogs before lockdown but I have now decided to make these into a separate video that I post on Saturdays and Sundays on my YouTube channel

I wanna talk about the Weekly Vlogs next, The Weekly Vlogs are a massive part on my YouTube channel SteveOfficial and I wanna thank each and everyone of you who tunes in to my YouTube channel every week to watch a new episode of that and I love reading the comments that some of you post on my videos always nice to read what your thoughts are on my videos

So now that we are in a post lockdown kind of world I am still limited to going out places, this is of course by my choice nobody has told me as to when I can and can’t go out I am purely just limiting myself from going out because the virus is still out there and it’s still not safe to be out mingling among members of the public for long periods of time

So of course I wanted to bring back my Weekly Vlogs and about 5 weeks ago I did do just that, I didn’t Vlog at all during the pandemic purely because I was just sitting in my room bingeing movies and TV shows and it wasn’t Vlog worthy content for you guys to watch… I would have had a massive decline in views and stuff like that and I didn’t want the Vlogs to become too boring for people to watch

So 5 weeks ago I came back and I started doing Weekly Vlogs – started off with Weekly Vlog #61 – the last Weekly Vlog that I did was Weekly Vlog #60 and that was posted in March 2020, Weekly Vlog #61 was posted at the end of June 2020, so of course I explained the reason behind the huge time jump which of course we all knew why I wasn’t Vlogging for a while

While filming Vlog #61 for you guys yeah I did feel comfortable filming it but it just still didn’t feel like the time ease right to be bringing the Vlogs back to the channel.. so I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the content that I’ll be providing and given we are in a post lockdown world where we are entitled to go out and go places that we enjoyed going to before lockdown I decided to do a limited series of my Weekly Vlogs titled Steve’s Lockdown Weekly Vlogs

This is a limited series that will run until at least the end of August and then I am hoping that the Weekly Vlogs will return back full time in September I’ll of course keep you guys posted on that – so you will see a lot of the Vlog where I am at home watching movies and TV shows and taking my dog for a walk but you’ll also see some other bits of content as well like me going out for the day to various places like the beach and a nature reserve and stuff like that – I do have some great content coming up still during these lockdown Weekly Vlogs so if you haven’t yet watched any of it then please head over to my channel SteveOfficial after reading this and give my Lockdown Weekly Vlogs a watch they still feel like a normal Weekly Vlog in my opinion just apart from the fact that I am more staying at home rather than going out places

Another thing that I would like to add about my YouTube channel is I have also be doing other series on the channel as well such as Steve’s Let’s Talk which is a series where I discuss a variety of topics with you guys previous episodes I have done I have spoke about Doctor Who, the cinemas and also HBO Max as well which is a recently new streaming service that launched over in the US

I have also done more gaming videos on my channel during lockdown as well which is weird because I haven’t really done many gaming videos on my channel for quite a while prior to lockdown so it was good to get back into the swing of gaming for you guys again and there will be more gaming videos being realised on my YouTube channel this September

I also wanna confirm today that my movie reviews will be coming back to my YouTube channel SteveOfficial this August where I’ll be reviewing the likes of Scream, Jaws, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and James Bond movies giving you my thoughts and opinions on those movies so give those a watch when they are released this August on my channel – again movie reviews isn’t something I have done for a long time on my channel so it’s good to get back to reviewing movies on my YouTube channel again and I am sure even beyond August I’ll have more YouTube videos based on Steve’s Movie Reviews series that will be released as and when I have a movie I would like to talk about in a separate video

Steve’s TikTok:

Ahhhh yeah I am on TikTok I can confirm this – Am I loving it? Hell yeah I am, learning some dance moves that I never thought I’d be able to do before and also duetting with some of my TikTok followers too – it’s really nice I do love the TikTok community and what I can also say as well is that I have messaged some of my TikTok friends too and they seem like really lovely people too

I also wanna add I didn’t get TikTok during lockdown I have had TikTok since summer last year but only recently got back onto the social media platform and started uploading more videos on it again, I normally post a video a day sometimes you might get lucky and see me post a few on there on the odd occasion so if you haven’t yet followed my TikTok then please give it a follow it’s steveofficial2019 is my TikTok name

Steve’s Smule:

During lockdown I discovered a Karaoke singing app called Smule – I was introduced to this by a friend of mine and I have since downloaded the app onto my iPad and every now and then uploaded new Smules of me singing various songs…

I have sung some Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, George Ezra, Drake, Toploader, Ronan Keating, MIKA, One Direction, Scissor Sisters, Will Young, Craig David, The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, LMFAO, Daft Punk, Will Smith, PJ & Duncan (AKA Ant & Dec), The Wabted, Sam & The Womp, Chris Brown, Simple Minds, The Verve, Five, Oasis, Harry Styles, The Beatles, Coldplay, Neil Diamond, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Madness, Take That, Elvis Presley, Pet Shop Boys and Adam Ant

So that’s the full list of artists that you can find on my Smule page and again I will be updating regular with more recordings of me singing some of them I will admit are pretty good there’s some where I do sound a bit off but hey I am not a professional at singing – so far at the time of writing this blog there are 76 songs for you to sit back and listen to me sing so what are you waiting for go and check out my Smule account right now and if you’re also on Smule then please give it a follow and I’ll follow you back!!!

Steve’s Relationship Status:

This is something that I wanna touch upon very briefly here, as you can tell from my TikTok bio that I have screenshotted and posted it does say in the bio “single” I can today confirm that during lockdown my relationship did come to an end…

It’s very sad for me to write this because at the start of the year I was so happy and I was in love with a beautiful woman and I wasn’t even expecting to be on a relationship with her but something just clicked and we were together… but we came to the mutual decision that we are better off being friends rather than being in a relationship together which by the way I can say I do understand because you know we are still gonna meet up me and Kirsty, we will still meet and we will still do stuff together and even she has said this to me herself we will still meet and go to the beach and the cinema and we will still go and see some musical performances together as well which will be nice and hopefully if she’d still like to appear in the Vlogs then she will appear in those Vlogs as well when we do stuff together

I will always cherish Kirsty as a friend because she does care about me a lot and she does really look out for me too and you know what guys I care about her too and will always be here for her when she needs me just like she will with me.. I am looking forward to seeing where this next chapter of my life does take me here

I am focusing on myself right now I am focusing on writing blog posts for you guys to read and also carrying on with filming more videos for you guys to watch over on my YouTube channel and TikTok account as well and of course I have lots of time on my hands to watch movies and binge TV shows so to be honest I am happy with the way things are with my life at the moment because I know within time I’ll be back to where I was before lockdown where I am happy and excited to see what the future holds with a new relationship…

Steve’s Blog Posts:

At the time of writing this blog post that you guys are reading today is Monday… I can confirm that I am coming back to Blogging again on a full time basis now that lockdown has begun easing and I will be posting blogs up on Mondays and Fridays for the foreseeable future

The blogs you’re likely to read will be about days out that I have been on in a post lockdown world, I have got some great content coming up over the coming weeks here on my blogging site I have been out and about since lockdown started easing as well and taken some images that I would like you guys to see for yourselves, but what I can reveal is this Friday (31st July) I’ll be posting my first day out in a post lockdown world which was going to Throop Mill, I have also been to iFord River and Bournemouth Beach since lockdown has eased as well so I’ll be posting about those over the coming weeks as well on my blogging website

So apart from that, I think that’s everything that I need to update you on – I will say one more thing about lockdown which is a positive thing, me and a friend who used to go to college together, he’s called Kieran, well we kind of lost contact with each other for the last couple of years I have been busy with work he’s been busy with University, anyways there was this one day I was looking on Facebook Messenger and I realised I haven’t spoken to Kieran for a very long time so I made contact with him and since then, that was back in April and now we are in July and since then we have been talking non stop on Facebook and we have Skype calls on Wednesday and Sunday evenings which are so funny like we both just end up in hysterics over the things we end up talking about

So if there is one good thing that has come out of lockdown it’s that it’s reconnected me with my friend from college and we are also planning to meet for the day on 13th August which again should be good as well

So apart from that, that’s everything I have to update you guys on so thanks for reading do join me again for my next (much shorter) blog post coming on Friday 31st July and I’ll be talking about my trip out to Throop Mill for the first time in Post Lockdown

All I can say now is stay safe, look after each other and god bless all of you!!!


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