SteveOfficial: Contagion Movie Review

Welcome to the next movie review which is very scary given the world we live in right now at the time of writing this blog

So like many countries around the world at the time of writing this blog post – there is a pandemic going around right now which is called Coronavirus, people are dying from the virus each day, people are catching the virus and they are recovering well from the virus and there are some people who are laying up on ventilatiors in hospitals trying to fight for their lives

So we are currently on lockdown here in the UK at the time of writing and this movie is very eerily similar to what’s going on in the world right now – this movie was released almost 9 years ago and now watching this now makes me feel as though that what is happening now was predicted 9 years ago with this movie and if you watch this movie now during the situation we are in – you’ll agree with me

So this movie is about a woman and son who catch the virus and it turns deadly, the woman who travels around a lot caught the virus from a foreign country, we see her on the floor having a seizure and flemming from the mouth and her young son watches on in horror – the woman dies in hospital later on when she can’t come out of the seizure – I can also reveal that her young son also dies later on in the movie from the virus that he caught from his mother

In a way it’s a very disturbing story because the virus itself not only originated from bats but also originates from pigs in this movie – this is what’s scary is that right now the Coronavirus originated from bats – people eating bats in China but the virus in the movie is also originated from bats

They also talk in the movie a lot about some of the stuff that’s very similar to what’s happening in the world right now such as social distancing and putting the countries on lockdown – so despite this film being very similar to what’s going on in the world at the time of writing but it’s still a very good movie and interesting movie too – I did despite the likeliness of the movie to reality now still enjoyed this movie

I would recommend giving this a watch to anyone reading this movie review – it’s available to watch on the streaming service Netflix right now


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