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Welcome to another movie review of a film that I have seen recently at the cinema – this movie review is about the sixth Mission Impossible film called Fallout which stars Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg

I haven’t seen the first four Mission Impossible films (At some point in the future – I will most likely binge watch the entire Mission Impossible series) but I did see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation which was the fifth film in the Mission Impossible series – I saw that when it came out in the cinema a few years ago and back then I thought it was an amazing film – but here we are though a few years later and we have the sixth film in the Mission Impossible called Fallout. What did I think of this movie? I thought it was really dramatic film and it was really edge of your seat stuff as well.

Whats the Plot? The plot is about Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt search for some plutonium that has gone missing and that could also be used in a terror attack and that if the government doesn’t get this plutonium back then it will be used in a terror attack

The government did have one of the three plutoniums but the other two plutoniums were out there and it was Ethans mission to get them back before the terror attack takes place

Once again Tom Cruise does a lot of the stunts that can be seen within the film – and it also shows that he doesn’t look like he wants to quit playing Ethan Hunt in the Mission impossible series any time soon – there was so many stunts that we see him do including falling from really high up and trying to save August Walker (who is shadowing Ethan whilst he does this mission) as Ethan tries to resuscitate him whilst falling from really high up – he manages to do this and I think its amazing how they filmed this as it would have been taken all in one shot which is good but that part of the film was one of the many stunts that had me on the edge of my seat

The other stunt that had me on the edge of my sat was when the countdown was on before the terror attack would take place and in order for the countdown to stop the team had to get some pliers and start carefully take apart the countdown clock to stop it from exploding whilst the team were doing that though Ethan was trying to get August Walker from an helicopter (who I think half way through the film was exposed to be evil in the end and that he wasn’t really helping Ethan at all if anything he was more trying to get Ethan to fail the mission that he has been set to do) but there was so many moments in this scene that made me get to the edge of my seat because things got really heated and really dramatic towards the end of the film as there was a helicopter battle and there was so many explosions as well that you can see throughout this series of scenes towards the end of the film but not only that but at the end of this battle between Ethan and August Walker there is a very dramatic clifftop fight and with the countdown still going down – it didn’t seem possible that it would be stopped in time before the terror attack took place – I am not gonna spoil what happens in the end of the movie as this movie is still available to go and see right now in the cinemas (at the time of typing this) but it is a very dramatic movie filled with drama and action and a to of the movie critics have given this movie 5 stars and now that I have gone to see this movie myself I can see why the movie critics have given this movie a very high rating

Now though its time for my rating out of 10 for the movie and I think this movie deserves a 10/10 because its very edge on your seat stuff and also very dramatic as well there are a few funny scenes that can be found in this movie as well especially the part where Ethan was running through London trying to catch August Walker and he had to jump out off a office building with everyone in the office standing there and watching him just about to jump out of an office window that part was hilarious but it does a few funny scenes like that within the movie so this film isn’t all about the action because there are a few moments that make you laugh as well

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