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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blogging page SteveOfficial – I know its been a while since I last uploaded onto this website – the last post that I did upload prior to this post was the one where I went to Throop Mill and that was posted on 3rd August 2020. Well here we are at the time of writing this post we are in January 2021 and we are still living in a pandemic – COVID is still continuing to spread across the UK and there is various mutations of COVID spreading across the UK now including a Brazilian variant, a South African variant and a UK variant as well.

Enough about COVID though that’s not why I am here, I am here to talk to you guys about my life in general as the last post I did like I say was back in August and I want to reveal to you now why it has taken so long for me to come back and start doing blog posts. First of all we are in a pandemic, if it wasn’t for the pandemic then by now I would still be going to events and doing reviews of various places that I have been to and potentially experienced for the first time but for the time being since August I have just kept things on the back burner for now and focused on other projects that I had going on in terms of social media (Things like YouTube and Instagram etc.)

In this blog post I will be updating you all with how my life is going so far since my last blog post I did in August 2020 and will be giving you guys the latest in terms of what projects I have been focusing on via social media

For those asking me how has life been for the last 5 months? Well its had its ups and downs to be honest – I found out some devastating news in the family – which I don’t wish to say in the blog post as it is personal to me – but we first found out this news not long after my last blog post was published – it took me a while and the rest if the family a while to process the news and its safe to say that not only did this news to change and shocked us as a family but it has also brought us that little bit closer which is nice – the news has brought across some tough challenges though not gonna lie and also I have experienced some awful things in the aftermath of this news but I have remained positive throughout this and there have been times where I have admittedly felt low but its safe to say that I have some supportive people around me whether that is friends or family and there is one person in particular who I met last year who later on in this blog post I will be speaking about but she has been there for me and been really supportive all throughout since I found out this news.


So I have throughout this pandemic been continuing to upload and find as much content as I possible can to keep you guys entertained throughout these UK National Lockdowns that we have endured over the last year. I have managed to keep peoples spirits up throughout these Lockdown’s with videos ranging from Lockdown Vlogs to Cooking videos and more recently on the channel I have been uploading workout videos as well and I can confirm that I will be uploading more workout videos on my channel in the future

If you are thinking of giving my YouTube videos a watch then please head over to SteveOfficial where you’ll find tonnes of content to keep you entertained for hours, What I will also say is I have recently taken a break from doing YouTube videos but I can also confirm in this video that I will be back to making more videos very soon. I just needed some time away so that I can recharge my batteries (not just the camera batteries) which is always a good thing to do from time to time as it allows you to have more freedom to do the other things that you love to do and not just filming videos all the time plus sometimes you always have that added pressure put on you to try and bring as much content to your channel as possible so that you have the ability to entertain as many viewers as possible when they come across your video – there can also be the added pressure of doing a scheduling as well, in the near future for a little while I will be relaxing that pressure from me and I will reveal more details on how I plan to do that in a future post on social media


I have been streaming on Twitch now since around August last year and I must say that I have actually enjoyed getting back to playing video games on my Xbox which is something I wasn’t doing often prior to going back and streaming on Twitch – I guess the news about my family kind of set me back a little bit and I stopped doing the things I love doing the most and playing video games for me is that escapism from whats going on in the world even if I am playing video games on my Xbox or Switch console for five minutes or so it still gives me that escapism which I really enjoy – Later on in this blog post there is something else that I will be mentioning about Twitch but it will all be revealed further down the post. Please follow me on Twitch the username is stevecrosbyofficial.


If you have the podcasts app on your phone or tablet whether that is Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts then please give Steve’s Weekly Podcast a listen there is currently 15 episodes for you to enjoy on there and they are pretty hilarious I do try and provide as much content on those podcasts as I possibly can – A brand new episode gets released every Friday at 4pm UK Time and they do last around about an hour long (at least). It also available to listen to on Spotify Music as well


The podcasts isn’t the only form of audio that I do on social media as I have recently been doing my own radio shows on an app called Stationhead which is available to download for free on iOS devices and Android devices too. I normally do a radio show on the app from 3pm – 7pm UK Time on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon then I do a Saturday night show from 6pm – 9m UK Time and I also do a show on Sunday as well from 3pm – 7pm UK Time. My radio station name is SteveOfficial and a certain listener of mine has actually branded my radio station “better than watching TV” is my radio station the new Netflix? That could be possible..


My Social media usernames have changed on Twitter and Instagram so if you would like to give me a follow on Instagram my username is stevegram2021 and my username on Twitter meanwhile is SteveTweets2021


So this post that you are reading now is the first of many posts that you will be reading from me as I am now going to be back doing more blog posts for this website throughout 2021 – I will try and provide as much content for my site wherever possible and will continue to give you guys nay important updates through these blog posts as well. so first of all I wanna tell you guys that there will be a new blog post uploaded to my website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting from 25th January 2021 – they will be released online at 4pm UK Time on all three days each week

The next question you are probably wondering is what have I got lined up for you all over the next few weeks well we are still in a pandemic and we are still being told to stay at home, save lives and protect the NHS so I will be continuing to do that however I will still be back doing some reviews for my blogs, I recently for example got a new tablet which transforms into a compact laptop I will do a review on that and I will also do more album reviews as well as movie and TV show reviews on my website – this will only be the case until the lockdown begins to ease and then as soon as the National Lockdown has begun easing then I will revealk further posts that I will be writing on my blog website.

So there we go that’s (almost) everything that I have got to update you on and yes I am still working throughout this pandemic working as hard as I possibly can to provide food for families on their dinner tables and I am still so proud of how much effort I do put in even though things are a little different right now and there is a vaccine on the way as well which is some positive news I am hoping to be vaccinated soon so that I know I am at least semi protected from COVID. Before I do round off this blog post though there is ONE. MORE. THING.


I want you all to meet Kyra – now this woman is the best woman to ever walk into my life honestly I have said throughout this blog post bow supportive she really has been towards me and and she has been there for me through thick and thin and I cannot thank her enough – I have so much appreciation for her and I do also have so much respect for her too – we have a lot of laughs when we are together and even though right now it’s very difficult seeing each other as we are told to stay at home but its safe to say that when lockdown is eased that I will definitely be seeing her again and we will get to spend some more quality time together – the good thing is that we both enjoy being in each other’s company and we also have had some amazing and fantastic days together that I have filmed and posted on my YouTube channel so they are definitely worth a watch

All the days that I have got to spend with Kyra has so far been fantastic and I have certainly come back home with a huge smile on my face as you can tell in the videos on my channel – there has been one time where I met Kyra and we went for some afternoon lunch at a pub in Christchurch with some of Kyra’s family members and friends. On that same day I also got to spend the evening at Kyra’s house as we got play some games such as card games for example with her family as part of family game night that she was able to do every Friday night until the restrictions became tighter because of COVID.

There was another fantastic day that me and Kyra have experienced together – back in November 2020 me and Kyra met for the first time since September 2020 (when we last met) and together we went to Throop Mill together – we did an “early” Christmas celebration together we wore matching Christmas jumpers (oddly we have the same Christmas jumpers) and we sat down and had some lunch together we played music and we also watched a sunset together which was not only beautiful but it was very romantic as well and the fcat that I got to be in that moment with a fantastic woman was just utterly amazing.

Throughout these lockdowns me and Kyra have kept close contact having video chats on a daily basis which last for hours and hours which I do love our long conversations and I really can’t wait to be able to meet Kyra again because we do have so much planned together and some of those I will post about in my future blogs.

The other amazing moments I have got to have with Kyra include tearing up on video chat with her on Christmas Day when she brought me a personalised jigsaw puzzle which is a selfie of us together from Throop Mill there have been other monents too which made me tear up more recently on my radio show Kyra asked me to find a song that makes me think of her now I know she loves the song Angels by Robbie Williams and so I played that song on my show because not only is it her favourite song but that day when she told me that ever since I have heard that song countless times it has made me think of her and I also played She’s The One as well by Robbie Williams on that same radio show. The next show that I did after that I played Enrique Iglesias with Hero and again i teared up during that song as Kyra said to me something which is part of the song as she said “I will stand by you forever” which I thought was absolutely sweet.

I will always remember the date when I first started talking to Kyra it was 19th August 2020 and the first time I met her in person was 25th August 2020 and I will always ALWAYS remember all those special moments I got to experience with her so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much Kyra for being the bestest friend I could ever ask for and for being the most supportive woman to ever walk into my life too.., One last thing that I will add in this post I normally do co-streaming with Kyra on Twitch if you would like to go and give her a follow then please do her username is blue_butterfly4 on Twitch and please subscribe to her channel too she would very much appreciate it.

So there we go guys that was a life update from me thank you for reading and I hope you can join me for my next blog post which will be posted on my blog on Monday 25th January 2021 at 4pm UK Time (P.S I love you loads and loads Kyra)

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