SteveOfficial: THE BLOGS ARE BACK!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blogs – int has been an awfully long time since I last did a blog post for this website but its safe to say that I have returned again to blogging and I am hoping to continue to take some photographs of places that I go and also do more blog posts for you guys to read. It has been a while and I do believe that this will be the first blog post that I have done of the year and it certainly won’t be the last blog post of the year that is for sure.

I am gonna do some movie reviews and TV show reviews as well as talking about some gaming news giving you my thoughts on some of the gaming updates that there is – I am hoping that over the coming months I am able to play some Xbox Cloud Gaming which was announced earlier this year by Microsoft and when the time comes when I am able to play some Cloud Gaming on my Xbox One console I will give you my thoughts on the service and what I like and don’t like about it

In terms of movies I have seen an awful lot of movies this year and I am going to be doing more blogs about movies that I have watched and that’s going to start from Monday 1st November 2021, On my next blog post which you will be able to read from 6pm UK time on that date I will be giving you my thoughts on the movie Last Night In Soho which is a horror/thriller movie starring Anya Taylor Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith, the movie is out in cinemas right now at the time of writing this blog post

The blogs are going to be uploaded to the website every Monday and Friday at 6pm UK Time, I will also be talking g about different venues that I have listed in the local area so the blogging website isn’t just gonna be based on gaming, films and TV shows that I have watched, its also going to be based on lifestyle from time to time as well, the last time I did do blogs on the website I was talking about various different shows and movies that I was starting to watch on Disney+

There are going to be other movies reviews coming up over the next few weeks that I will be talking about on this website including the brand new Marvel movie that is Eternals which releases in cinemas on November 5th 2021, so if you’re a Marvel fan that will be a movie review worth checking out, the movie review for that will be uploaded on the website on November 8th 2021. I can also confirm that I will also be reviewing the movies Home Sweet Home Alone and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid which are both going to be coming to Disney+ in November and December respectively

This year has been the year of Samsung for me I have upgraded my iPhone earlier this year in June 20221, to a Samsung Galaxy A52 which was only released earlier this year, I also upgraded my TV ion my bedroom to a 43″ Samsung TV which was released in 2020, and just recently and pictured above I upgraded my tablet to a very premium looking Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ which IO must admit I am absolutely love so hopefully over the next few weeks I will discuss in more detail about these gadgets that I have got earlier this year

I am hoping over the next few months to get the Nintendo Switch OLED Model alongside GTA Definitive Edition on Switch – the OLED Model of the Switch was recently released around the world with GTA coming to Switch in November 2021

Remember the days when I used to do album reviews? Well I can also confirm that I will be doing some album reviews over the next few weeks as well – loads of new albums have recently been released from the likes of Ed Sheeran and ABBA, SO I will also be doing some reviews from this artists over the next few weeks and I will also talk about other upcoming g albums as well in these album reviews.

I have also started doing podcasts so if you would like to listen to mer talking about technology, movies and TV shows and I will even going forward talk about some album reviews on the podcast as well – you can listen to all 61 podcasts right now on your podcast streaming platforms that are Spotify Music, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, just simply search for Steve’s Weekly Podcasts to listen to them.

I am also back on YouTube and I do Weekly Vlogs I am very nearly at 100 Vlogs on my channel – but please subscribe to my YouTube channel SteveOfficial to watch my Weekly Vlogs which get uploaded every Monday morning at midnight UK time.

I am going to be back on the gaming streaming broadcasting app that is Twitch from Mid November and I am going to be playing GTA Definitive Edition on Xbox One and `I am also going to be playing Marvel Avengers when I do return to Twitch what I can also confirm in this blog post is that as mentioned earlier I will also be streaming some Xbox Cloud games from the Xbox Cloud Gaming library as well – I will confirm more details on my Twitch return in late November in a separate blog post which will confirm full details on the games that I will be playing and as and when I will be streaming on Twitch as well.

So that is everything that I wanted to talk about in this “welcome back” blog post for the website so my next blog post will be released on 1st November at 6pm UK Time if you’re reading this post in real time of you’re reading this after the 1st November the feel free to check out my next blog post on my website right now which is my movie review for Last Night In Soho.

SteveOfficial: 1812 Bournemouth Press Launch

Welcome to a new blog post from SteveOfficial in this blog post I will be writing about my review of 1812 in Bournemouth which I costed on Friday 8th November 2019. The event started off with a complimentary glass of champagne when I arrived there, the champagne was absolutely lovely and the atmosphere was very lively and had a very nice vibe to it too

This was the view from the seating area where I was sat you had a nice long view of the entire room which was filled with people from the press as this event was a press event, I really loved the colour schemes and the lighting as well, I thought the lighting was dim but I didn’t mind because it had such a nice effect to the bar and to the room and with the music playing in the background it had a very nice vibe to the dim lighting that was in the room.

This was one of the guys who performed on stage throughout the press launch evening of the 1812 in Bournemouth opening he had a lovely voice and was awesome at playing the guitar too

Live music is heard at this venue but it’s not just singers that can come along and sing through the microphone during the press launch there was also a bit of jazz playing on stage there was a couple of songs that I could instantly recognise that the saxophonist was playing up on stage throughout the evening

1812 in Bournemouth have their own kitchen bar which is actually separated from the actual bar itself it looked really lovely on the inside of the kitchen bar and you have a nice view of the kitchen and you can actually see the food that you ordered being prepared while you sit and wait for your order to appear on your table

Throughout the night I was offered by the lovely bar and kitchen staff at 1812 in Bournemouth to try some of their canapés and desserts that they have I must say that the goats cheese canapés were absolutely enjoyable and I also enjoyed the various desserts that they had to offer including Apple crumble

I had a good look through the cocktails menu and not only does it tell you how much their cocktails, beers and ciders cost but it also gives you a little insight into the history of Bournemouth itself, as you can see in the second image above this paragraph Bournemouth was first discovered in 1812 hence the name of the venue is called 1812 and it even gives you the date of when Bournemouth was first founded which was 24th April 1812

So these were the two drinks that I had from the bar as it was a free bar at the press launch of 1812 in Bournemouth I went for a Corona Extra first and then I tried an Aspall Cyder which I had never tried before, Aspall Cyder is absolutely delicious and it’s definitely a cider that I would have again when I next go back to the venue

I spotted a chandelier in the 1812 Bournemouth venue and thought it was a lovely added touch to the venue it is very pretty and I just love the way how it sparkles too – it really does brighten up the room

Throughout the night I was posting on social media about the venue to let people know who live around d the Bournemouth area that the venue is now open, 1812 in Bournemouth actually opened at 9pm on the night of this event but of course myself and the press were lucky enough to have an early access and take some photos for our blogs and columns – I really did enjoy this night out and 1812 is definitely the place to go if you want somewhere that’s uplifting and has a nice vibe to it too, I would definitely recommend that you visit 1812 today in Bournemouth

I just wanna thank 1812 in Bournemouth for inviting me along to the event and to also thank Bournemouth Bloggers for giving me the opportunity to attend this event too


SteveOfficial: The Stable Cider Awards 2019

Welcome to my first blog post in a long while but I can safely say that I am back with more great content for my followers to read – I’m starting off my new blog posts with an event that I went to recently which was The Stable Cider Awards 2019 in Bournemouth

I firstly wanna thank The Stable in Bournemouth and the Bournemouth Bloggers group for giving me the chance to attend this event it was such a fun evening and I really did enjoy it

So what happened at the event? Well this was an event where producers from up and down the country who make cider were at this event allowing people to try out their ciders and to give them a backstory of how they made their cider and whereabouts in the country they sell and distribute their ciders

We was all given The Stable’s Rapscallion coder which is now available to buy in a can (which was introduced earlier this summer) it was a complimentary drink that all visitors attending this event received on arrival of the event

There was 10 different ciders to try out at the different stations around the room from Nightingale to Duddas Tun and Crafty Nectar No.8 the producers at the cider stations were allowing visitors who attended the event to try out their ciders, once the visitors tried out the ciders from various stations around the room they were given the chance to vote for their favourite cider that they have tasted and all votes were counted later in the evening

There was also some LIVE music throughout the evening as well to help fill the vibes on a Saturday night around the room, a lot of people enjoyed the LIVE music – there was some visitors even dancing with their partners by the end of the evening to the music that was being performed on stage – there was also a really lovely spread of food that was made freshly from The Stable kitchen – loads of garlic flavoured wedges and also made some lovely pizzas as well from their menu at The Stable

We got to the end of the evening and it was all down to the important business which was who came out on top of The Cider Awards 2019 at The Stable the results were in and the top 3 ciders that won the awards evening was at number 3 – Duddas Tun which was my favourite cider of them all especially with the taste of apricot it was absolutely lovely – there was also a cider that came in at number 2 which was Bumblebee now that cider I never did get to try out at the event unfortunately but the first place prize went to Crafty Nectar No.8 which their cider I did try and it was absolutely lovely and once they did win the awards evening I couldn’t help but have a little more of their cider

There was also a public vote who also won the awards evening and the public chose the second place winners of the evening Bumblebee as the public who voted for best cider of the evening!!!

It was such a fun filled evening and I really did enjoy myself I just wanna thank The Stable in Bournemouth for inviting me and of course the Bournemouth Bloggers group along to the event and I also wanna thank Ross who presented The Cider Awards evening at The Stable in Bournemouth, I also wanna thank the kitchen staff at The Stable for the lovely spread of food that they put out for the guests attending the event and of course it wouldn’t be The Cider Awards 2019 without the producers who make the ciders so I wanna thank them for also allowing us to try out their delicious ciders.


Sony A5100 Camera Review


Welcome to this blog post review of Sony A5100 Camera which I brought over the summer via Amazon UK. I use this camera on a daily basis as I am a Blogger who does Weekly Blogs via YouTube, which you guys can check my YouTube channel here: and also if you are new to my YouTube channel then please hit the red button that says “Subscribe” as I currently have 54 subscribers at the time of writing this – and also I think my Vlogs are also very funny to watch (I do try to make my Vlogs entertaining each week)

So the good thing is, is that I use this camera on a daily basis for doing my Vlogs but I can also use my camera on a daily basis as a normal standard cameras as well – I can take some amazing shots with this camera especially as it came with a kit lens on the camera when I first got it making my photographs that I take on the camera slightly more professional than taking the photos via a standard iPhone.

Another good reason to buy this camera is that it can take photos in 4K resolution and not only that but it also can pout you at the centre of the photo/video. what I mean by this is that the camera can automatically focus on you blurring whatever is in the background out which is quite nice and it can do this continuously whilst recording video footage as well which I have noticed in a few of the clips that I have recorded for my Weekly Vlogs that I do for YouTube.

The camera also has a flip up screen as you can see from the picture above in this blog post – which is really nice because it means I am able to see where the camera is pointing when it comes to doing the Vlogging footage but not only the but I can also take some really awesome selfies using some of the features that I have already talked about within this blog post. The screen is also a 3.7 inch display which to be honest is quite a small screen but you wouldn’t really expect anything large in terms of a screen on a camera.

I would also like to point out that this camera also has a touch screen on the display too – meaning that you don’t have to hold down the shutter when it comes to taking a photograph – theres a button on the screen that you can press and it will take the shot there and then of the photo that you’d wish to take which is really nice and such a cool feature – or if you want to do it manually you can always hold the shutter button down which is located near the record button on the camera to take the photo.

Another nice feature that is on Sony A5100 Camera is the flash – now to be honest I don’t use the flash option a lot but the flash does pop out from inside the camera (not gonna lie sometimes it does make me jump when that happens) but it is such a powerful flash I did a few selfies of myself that I posted on my Instagram account (which is stevecrosby2018 on Instagram) using the flash feature and to be honest they did turn out really good – I think the flash feature would work perfectly for when you are outside and its dark and you wanted to take a selfie at night or maybe you could use the flash feature to take a selfie of you and your friends at a party or a nightclub maybe but the flash on this camera is super powerful and is absolutely amazing.

40070218_148496502724524_4154262960497229824_nBehind the scenes shot recording for my YouTube weekly Vlog using my Sony A5100 Camera

The zoom is also another amazing feature on this camera especially with the lens that I have on the camera at the moment which is the lens that came with the camera which I like to call the kit lens – meaning this is the lens for beginners.

The zoom you get on Sony A5100 Camera is 50mm and you also get what I would like to call an advanced zoom so the camera will zoom in to an object up to 50mm and then it will also have an advanced zoom in by 2.0 which is really nice and really cool so its kind of giving you a little bit of extra zoom in case you wanna take a photo of an object thats really far out like for example a boat that is out at sea on the beach or something like that – I have used the zoom quite a few times recently as I went to Bournemouth Air Show 2018 on Sunday 2nd September and used the zoom to zoom in on Sally B plane that was flying over Bournemouth, heres the two really good shots that I managed to take thanks to the zoom option on the camera:

40542977_152324712341703_2308166367477497856_nThis was a zoomed in shot – The zoom was 50mm + 2.0

40632926_152324709008370_8951670043477803008_nThis was a slightly zoomed in shot – The zoom was 20-30mm

The camera does have some amazing features and it also records footage in 1080p as well which is perfect if you are someone that loves to Vlog for YouTube – I would also like to add thanks to the built in wifi that you can get on the camera it is very easy to transfer videos and photos from the camera to your mobile phone – I always use my iPad to transfer photos and videos too as it has more storage than my phone but its a really nice feature and its also a great way of helping me each week when it comes to editing my Blogs for YouTube – I would also like to add that the photos that I do take on my camera and transfer to my iPad are also more than likely to land on my Instagram account as well.

40449327_151369209103920_400760344668012544_nSony A5100 Camera is my best friend for life…

I would definitely recommend this camera to anybody who is a beginner who has never owned a camera before and to be honest before I got this camera I never owned a camera I always used to do my weekly vlogs for YouTube on my iPhone and upgrading to this camera is so much netter I feel as though the sound quality when recording is amazing and the audio is very loud so you can hear what you are saying on video really crisp and clear and you can also hear other people who feature in the video what they are saying and its very crisp and clear – but not only this I also feel since doing my vlogs using this camera – it has made them slightly more professional like Zoella style professional especially with the blurred background which I really do like.

39992312_148881426019365_8397776874708664320_nSelfie of me using the flash feature 

I would also recommend this camera to people that are also Bloggers like myself because that is what this camera is mainly used for and why this camera was created by Sony in the first place because it is a camera that is known as a “Vlogging camera” I know that you can get cameras like Canon G7x Mark ii which some YouTubers that I know do use but I like this camera I saw lots of people testing it out on YouTube before I decided to buy this camera myself and it had some amazing reviews online as well but it really is a perfect camera and I would recommend this to people who are either a beginner and want to start to do photography with a camera also people who do vlogs for YouTube.


Centre VR: The Best VR Experience In Bournemouth!!!


Welcome to another blog – in this blog you will find out about Centre VR which is currently open in Bournemouth BH2 Complex – its on the upper ground floor opposite Miller and Carter and its the best VR experience that you’ll ever see.

I just first of all wanted to start this blog off by thanking Bournemouth Bloggers for organising this amazing event and also a massive thank you to Ciara, Harrison, Liz, Emma and the staff at Centre VR who are really lovely and very friendly.

Get competitive with friends and family with games like Tower Tag which I feel as though is literally out of this world – I also would like to point out that Tower Tag was a little bit like Fortnite except it was set in the distance and also you had to jump from tower to tower and try and kill the opposite opponent – there was two teams – there was Team Fire and Team Ice – I was Team Ice which we did well in a few games but the last game that we played – Team Fire was winning – they scored 12 points and Team Ice scored only 2 points.

IMG_5160Me, Liz & Harrison may look happy in this photo but we were really competitive when playing Tower Tag 

There was also other VR experiences that I experienced at this event. There was one VR experience that I got to try out which was where I was under the sea and all I could see was fishes swimming in the sea and there was a few stingrays that I saw floating around in the water and then…. BAM!!! There was a whale coming at you, I honestly thought that the whale was going to eat me (He certainly was giving me a death stare as if to say “I am going to eat you for my dinner next Steve”). But it did terrify me though just seeing this whale going past me in the virtual world

LRG_DSC00281Harrison’s reaction to seeing the whale in the VR

LRG_DSC00276Something caught Emma’s attention in this VR that was high up

The next VR that I experienced was a walk the plank which was unbelievable – it was such a trip VR experience. It honestly felt like I was there in the virtual reality world, so walk the plank was a game where you had to go up this really high building via a virtual lift, and then you had to walk this plank as soon as you came out of the virtual lift. It was really freaky because honestly looking at how far high up I was in the virtual world, it was really creepy – also there was a moment when Liz played the walk the plank game and Ciara decided to push her just to make her feel a little more scared which was funny because Liz screamed quite loud, she wasn’t expecting that, thats for sure!!! I also had a go at walk the plank which was filmed kindly by Harrison and Ciara (Ciara also did try to make me jump as well which did kind of scare me and make me jump) but it was such an amazing game to play

LRG_DSC00284Me and Ciara were both really enjoying playing in virtual reality 

There was other games to experience as well in Centre VR in Bournemouth’s BH2 complex such as a Titanic game, and there was also a flying simulator game as well where you go around and fly a plane – which looked absolutely incredible and the scenery in that VR looked amazing as well

LRG_DSC00280.JPGCiara was in the cockpit flying a virtual plane 

There are other games to experience at Centre VR which unfortunately we did run out of time, but there are other games such as a racing game, where you are racing a car in the virtual reality world and looking at how it looked in the advertisement that I saw in Centre VR it did look really good.

LRG_DSC00282Emma saw something shocking in this VR

I would definitely recommend Centre VR to anyone reading this blog because it is such an amazing experience – especially when you’re battling your friends in the virtual reality world and also when you can see a whale going past you in the virtual reality world or even feeling nervous whilst walking on a plank in the virtual reality world – its such an amazing experience and is so much fun.

I had the best time and best experience with other bloggers who live in Bournemouth and I just wanna say a massive thank you once again to Bournemouth Bloggers and to the staff who work at Centre VR for giving me this opportunity to experience different games that you can play in the virtual reality.

I would recommend anybody who’s looking to do something new and exciting in Bournemouth and I would also recommend this activity to people who play video games because we are entering an age where VR is becoming more popular so I would also recommend this activity to people who are into gaming (just like me)

Book your place for an unforgettable experience right now via Centre VR’s website:


Meeting Zoe For The THIRD Time!!!


Welcome to a new blog post and at long last I am back after having a few weeks off rom blogging throughout the summer – and this is one of the things that I got up to over the summer – thats right seeing my beautiful and gorgeous girlfriend from Walsall, Birmingham, called Zoe

It was so nice getting to spend another week with her again and we did quite a lot together – I took her to a river near where I live and we had a wonder around there which was so nice we also had a little bit of a sit down and had a cute conversation together and we also kissed and cuddled near the river as well – it was such a nice time with her

Before I met Zoe, I have never had a Days Restaurant, now Days is a all you can eat buffet and it was so damn good I cant believe I have never been there in the six years that I have lived in Bournemouth until Zoe took me there in August but it was also very special going there as well because not only was we having a cute dinner date but that dinner date was such a special date because it was our six month anniversary date as well, which is so nice because we just got to eat loads and loads and we were also talking a lot as well about what memories we have made during the six months being together which I know wasn’t many but there was still a few memories that we have made together during the six months we’ve dated like when we first met each other and went on our first date together


We also went to Christchurch, now the only time I have ever been to Christchurch during my six years of living in Bournemouth was when I have had hospital appointments, me and Zoe did go to Christchurch (not for one of my hospital appointments though) but to have a wonder around the high street and we also had a sit down by the Quay in Christchurch as well which was really nice because it was very quiet and we once again had a chat about what we were gonna plan on doing for the rest of the day and also about how the week was going for us both as well


We also had a wonder around the high street as well which I will be honest there was a few shops that had me interested but I felt as though there was more restaurants than shops itself I don’t know if Zoe felt the same way but that was my opinion we did go into a few shops though like Poundland for instance and we did get a drink and something to eat as well and we also had Greggs for lunch as well after visiting the Quay which is weird because I think that was the first Greggs that I have had in years, I used to have Greggs a lot when I lived in Basingstoke before moving to Bournemouth but now don’t have Greggs that often

During the five days that Zoe was visiting me in Bournemouth we decided to have McDonalds breakfast for the three days (other than the last day which was Friday) and to be honest we both didn’t mind and we loved having McDonalds breakfast I had the sausage, egg and cheese bagel and Zoe had some pancakes with syrup on them and there was one morning during that week where I had a feats for breakfast not going to lie I had a sausage, egg and cheese bagel as well as pancakes as well one morning Zoe couldn’t believe that I could demolish that but hey I am a guy who loves his food and I know breakfast is supposed to be a light thing but that morning I really was hungry – on the Friday we didn’t have a McDonalds breakfast instead me and Zoe got the bus back home and we had toast at my house whilst watching some TV


We also did something else that I have never done before in my life and that was going to see the last showing of a movie at the cinema now we did this quite often during the week that she was down in August, we only went to one cinema showing that was during the day, the rest of them we watched late at night, but heres the late night showings that we went and watched: Ant-Man & The Wasp and The First Purge, now I’ll be honest The First Purge I stayed wide awake for during the entire film and I would also like to add that its not in the cinema anymore but it was such a weird film to watch to be honest and really creepy as well but Ant-Man & The Wasp I fell asleep during that one and its not my fault and before you think I fell asleep in that film because it was boring thats not the case I love Marvel films and I loved watching Avengers: Infinity War with Zoe earlier this year but I had my head on Zoe and she was putting her hands through my hair and because she was really warm as well to made me fall asleep as well so I missed the last 20 minutes of that movie but the good thing is that I did catch the post credits scene though which builds up to Avengers 4 when that gets released in 2019

The other film that me and Zoe went and saw together which was during the day was The Darkest Minds now we went and saw this movie on the day that it was released in cinemas and once again I fell asleep in that movie as well and it was the same reason as to when I fell asleep during Ant – Man & The Wasp, because Zoe was putting her hands through my hair and also because she was warm as well, I am not the type of person that falls asleep during the cinema but clearly when I go to the cinema in future its gonna be a struggle watching the movie whilst being cuddled up to Zoe on the recliner seats – and for those wondering how much of The Darkest Minds I missed due to me sleeping, I missed 45 minutes of that movie because Zoe made me fall asleep

Me and Zoe also went to bowling and oh my god we were both so competitive during the two games that we played each other but its ok guys because I won TWICE – the second game we played Zoe thought she was actually going too beat me the second time because I wasn’t earning as many points as her at the start of the second game but thank god I got TWO strikes in a row which caused me to win the second game and I do have a photo of the final score which you’ll se below this paragraph


Me and Zoe also went to Poole Quay which Zoe branded as her “favourite place” when she first visited Bournemouth in April 2018 but also I didn’t know this until we went to Poole  Quay this time but they have a mini arcade just opposite the Quay which me and Zoe went into and we also had fish and chips by the Quay as well for dinner as well as a sit down and overlooking the Quay as well which was so nice and such a great way to end the day as well

Me and Zoe also went to Bournemouth beach a few times as well whilst she was down for the week in August and it was so nice there was even a morning where me and her went for a walk along the beach after having a McDonalds breakfast which was so nice and the good thing was that whilst Zoe was down for the week, the heatwave was still around meaning that we had good weather for the entire week and there was quite a few people at the beach especially early in the morning as well

Me and Zoe did also go to the arcades a few times as well which were near Bournemouth beach, I think I was still playing on 2p coin machine when all her 2p coins had run out is she was standing there watching me put all my 2p coins in the machine and winning more 2p coins – I now kind of feel bad typing that (kind of makes me feel like I was a bad boyfriend to her then and I should have gave her a few of my 2p coins that I was winning from the machine)

Me and Zoe also went to Boscombe together as well – we went to the Sovereign Shopping Centre in Boscombe and we went to Lidl, Game and CeX as well, in Game I brought myself a new gaming headset that I tried out after my week away with Zoe and by the way its amazing I absolutely love it – I also brought these two gaming t-shirts which were Crash Bandicoot t-shirts, they fitted me perfectly and I really liked them because after all I am a gamer plus when I was out and about wearing them – people were complementing my shirt which as so nice

Finally me and Zoe stayed at a hotel which wasn’t the Premier Inn and the reason why we didn’t stay at our normal hotel was because its the summer and hotel prices go up and because we booked the hotel in advance, the hotel we booked was more cost efficient than the normal Premier Inn hotel that we go to – so the hotel that me and Zoe strayed in this time was The Russel Court Hotel in Bournemouth and I am not gonna lie it was a nice spacious hotel room that we had but we had to put the beds together – thats right all throughout the week we didn’t have a double bed to sleep on instead w had three single beds in the bedroom so we just pushed them all up together so that we could sleep next to each other in the evening – the only thing that I wouldn’t complain about in the hotel room is the view because the view outside the window was amazing because we were looking out to the beach and the sea it was just a perfect view and was absolutely amazing – I loved looking out there at night especially because Bournemouth beach at night lights up and it just looks so pretty

So the week unfortunately came to an end with me and Zoe both going out separate ways once again – that is the saddest part of the week I know but at least I know that she will be back for my birthday in November and it gives me great pleasure to announce in this blog that my girlfriend Zoe will be back on November 2nd 2018 – November 5th 2018 so expect to see a blog post all about that weekend very soon.



SteveOfficial: First Blog Post

Welcome to my BRAND NEW Blog post – this is the first ever blog post that I have ever done and I’m not at all nervous about doing a blog post at all in fact I’m also a YouTuber I’m 21 (at the time of writing this blog post) and because I do YouTube I also do Vlogging ( I used to do daily Vlogs on YouTube but over the last five weeks (at the time of writing this) I have been doing Weekly Vlogs) and before doing Weekly Vlogging on YouTube I was watching other Vloggers who live around the local area and getting some inspiration from them in order for me to do Weekly Vlogs

I did mention that I watch people on YouTube that live around my local area – I live in the UK on the sunny south coast that is Bournemouth (I only go to the beach in the summer) and as I said in the brackets that I do go to the beach every now and then I also enjoy going to the arcades, going to the cinema and playing bowling

I am also in a relationship… in a long distance relationship with a very beautiful and gorgeous girl called Zoe who you will be seeing in a blog post in the near future… at the time of writing this I have been dating her for five months and a half I have known her as a friend for two years online – we got into a long distant relationship on February 4th 2018 and I will admit sometimes it is hard being in a long distance relationship but we make it work by video calling each other each day and also telling each other how much we love each other… I will do a separate blog post about my girlfriend Zoe in the near future

That’s all that I had to tell you guys in my first ever blog post so enjoy looking at these blog posts and there will be more from me in the near future!!!


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