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Hello and welcome to this blog post which isn’t actually a movie or album review, it’s actually a slightly personal blog post, as a matter of fact I can’t remember the last time I did a personal blog post but I just wanted to do a Valentines Day Special blog as at the time of writing this it’s Valentines Day tomorrow (14th Feb 2020) and so I thought it would be nice to write a few things here on this blog post that’s happened recently to me


So I first of all want to talk about this amazing woman who has recently entered my life, her name is Kirsty and like me she does like to write and in fact at the time of writing this she is planning to create her own blogging website so hopefully I’ll be able to tag her website into a future blog post for you guys to read

Kirsty is 28 years old, she’s from Bournemouth and there is a back story as to how me and her first met – so we met via Instagram on 27th December 2019, it was the day K went to the cinema to watch three movies back to back which were Spies In Disguise, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker and Cats, now on that same day she went and saw Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker over at Bournemouth’s BH2 leisure complex, the same place that I saw that movie, she saw the movie showing after me, and so she posted her Star Wars ticket on Instagram, and it was while I was waiting for the movie Cats to start that I happened to see this post and so I commented on her post, I commented telling her my thoughts and opinions on what I thought about the movie and from the comments section on that post we started talking from there

We started talking directly on Instagram, and I happened to look at her profile and realised that she, like me, was an avid cinema goer so I asked maybe we could go to the cinema together sometime and she seemed pretty cool with the idea of us two going to the cinema together

We talked directly on Instagram every day from 27th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020 when we decided it was time to finally meet each other for the first time in person, we met at The Moon In The Square Wetherspoons pub in Bournemouth Town Centre, we sat down and had a drink and we started talking quite a lot for three hours and we were just getting to know each other as friends, we actually ended up finding out that we have so much in common which I was really happy about because I finally found someone in Bournemouth who I could hang out with and do the same things with because they had the same interests as me like going for beach walks and going to the cinema and going to play a few games of bowling

So after that three hour chat we separated from each other and again started talking on Instagram, and since the 3rd January we met up regularly and went for beach walks, went to The Duck in Westbourne to watch an local artist perform on stage LIVE and plus we have had a few meals out at this American Diner called The Prom bear Boscombe Beach, we have also sat and watched the sun set over Bournemouth and we have also been to the cinema to watch Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker for a second time, we also went to the Miramar Hotel in Bournemouth to have something to eat in their tea room too and plus had a meal out at Slug And Lettuce in Bournemouth too

So we spent so much time together in January, and the more time we spent together as we went towards the end of January the more I started to gain feelings for this amazing woman, there was one Wednesday morning (22nd January 2020 was the date) that I met up with Kirsty after she finished her morning shift at work (she does split shifts at work in a school so does breakfast club in the mornings then goes back in the afternoons to do after school club) and we went to The Parkstone and Heatherlands Wetherspoons pub in Winton, now this was the first time I went to this Wetherspoons pub but the atmosphere in there was the same as any other Wetherspoons pub I have been in before which is just really calm and relaxing, plus the hot drinks are slightly cheaper than Bournemouth Town Centre, so that morning we sat down together and we had breakfast together, she did get a little emotional for personal reasons that I won’t go into on this blog post, but I gave her a shoulder to cry on, now this Wednesday morning wasn’t the first time I sat and gave her a hug when she has got emotional in the past I have gave her a hug before when she has got emotional over certain reasons, but it just felt nice showing someone that there is this caring guy who is always supportive and always caring too

So as this Wednesday morning carried on and we sat there I had my arm around her for most of the morning and we were looking through all her old Instagram posts together, we had a nice long chat and she also admitted that me having my arm around her was giving her butterflies in her stomach, so it got to Wednesday afternoon and we walked up the road so she could go back to work, before we left each other we shared our first kiss together and it felt right, it felt natural and it was a kiss like no other, I never felt a kiss the same way that she did because it did generally feel so nice, if I’m honest it just felt like my first ever kiss all over again and that was when I was way back in my school years

So we left each other that Wednesday morning and from there we started having more feelings for one another, she had feelings for me after we shared that first kiss together, those feelings for me were confirmed after that first kiss, anyways we carried on seeing each other towards the end of January, there was one day that I went to her mums fall at we sat we watched TV together while having a hug on the sofa, and we also had a Pizza Hut for dinner too which was so damn nice, it was a wet Sunday afternoon Kirsty didn’t really wanna ho out in the rain so her mum said that I could go over and spent some time with her which was really lovely

We get to 1st February (which is quite recent) and we announce on our social media pages that we are in a relationship together because it felt right and it felt natural, it’s amazing what a month can do especially when you spend so much time with such a remarkable amazing woman like Kirsty, she makes me feel loved, she really does care about me and she’s so respectful and always respects the decisions that I make plus she’s easy going as well which is also what I like, I really can’t imagine what life would be like without her ever since we first met

The photo that you guys have seen above the last paragraph was taken on the 1st February that was the day that we decided to go to Southampton together, we went to Southampton to look around Westquay Shopping Centre, we went into the Disney store (she’s a massive Disney and Winnie The Pooh fan) and we also went to the Lego Store too, plus we decided to have a McDonalds lunch together too

We both being in each other’s companies and we alway look forward to seeing each other every time we do plan to do something together, I am just really happy that I have finally found a relationship, someone who lives in Bournemouth, as my past relationships have been in other parts of the UK, but I can confirm since meeting Kirsty for the very first time that I have been looking forward to seeing whether that’s while we were friends or even more so now while we are in a relationship together, hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kirsty in my future blog posts that I do of places we go when we go for dates together

Now this is a long blog post and this is a Valentines Day special post, so now that I have spoke about my new relationship with Kirsty I thought it would be nice to give you guys some idea on places to take your loved ones this Valentines Day


I wanna first of all start with Frankie & Bennys which you can find in most parts of the UK, just search up your nearest Frankie & Bennys restaurant on Google, The images that I have posted above this paragraph is actually from a date that me and Kirsty went to on Friday (7th Feb 2020) we went to Frankie & Bennys for a late night dinner meal, I had an Ultimate Mac N Cheese dinner while Kirsty had some BBQ Chicken we both agreed that meal was absolutely lovely, I would by the way recommend the Ultimate Mac N Cheese to anyone who loves cheesy meals and also to anyone who next goes to Frankie & Bennys

The drink that I have posted in the image above my last paragraph is called Passionfruit Memosa and it’s a non alcoholic drink so it’s safe to drink for those who could be getting behind the wheel after they’ve had their meal at Frankie & Bennys again I would totally recommend this Memosa drink because it was really fruity and it’s something that I tried and liked, I have never tried this drink before until my recent visit to Frankie & Bennys and I wouldn’t mind having it again

Now the next place to go to for Valentines Day is Slug And Lettuce, now me and Kirsty went here back in January and the food was absolutely lovely the meal in the image that I have posted above this paragraph is scampi with chips and peas, and I would recommend this to anyone who goes to Slug And Lettuce

I also wanna add that the music that was played throughout the night while we attended Slug And Lettuce was also really upbeat and the atmosphere was really nice too

Now this next Valentines Day idea is actually at a hotel in Bournemouth, I’ll be honest here the meal prices aren’t cheap but this is a hotel that we are talking about here, the image that I have posted above this paragraph is of some soup with some warm bread, now this was taken at the Miramar hotel in Bournemouth and I believe that the soup costed me somewhere around £6.80 or something like that, I definitely recommend that people go here for the soup because that soup was the best soup I have ever had, Miramar hotel also has some afternoon tea which have prices from around £20 where you get tea with some sandwiches and cakes so again this place is perfect to go to afternoon tea, and it also seems to be a great place to stay too with a stunning view of Bournemouth Beach too

This next place again would be recommended for those to go to who live in Bournemouth but maybe this would be an ideal lunch date or something for Valentines Fay, this is an American Diner called The Prom and is located near Boscombe Pier, great prices for food and would be ideal for lunch, again it has a lovely overview of the beach as well so perfect to look at on a bright sunny day

I have got two more places that I would recommend going to this Valentines Day, Wetherspoons across the UK are doing a Valentines Day deal for £20 but if you don’t want to do the Valentines Day deal then you can always go into your local Wetherspoons branch for a cheap burger and also a cheap alcoholic drink too, Wetherspoons is actually one of my favourite places to go to if you haven’t realised by now and it has been for over a year, because of the cheap drinks and food prices that you find, me and Kirsty absolutely love going to Wetherspoons because in her words it’s “cheap and cheerful ”

The final place that I would recommend going to this Valentines Day is 7Bone Burger (search on Google for your local 7Bone Burger branch) it has some really tasteful burgers and plus I really loved their Maltoreo milkshake that I had with my meal, me and Kirsty went to 7Bone Burger for a date together on 9th Feb 2020 and this was actually my first time going here, I have never been here before but I would totally recommend anyone looking for someone to go this Valentines Day, they should go here they also have a red basket meal deal where you get any main and regular side for £11.40 or any main and dirty side for £12.95 me and Kirsty went for the £12.95 offer

So there we go that’s my Valentines Day Blog post for 2020 I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I hope that this has given you some inspiration as to where to take your loved ones this Valentines Day


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