SteveOfficial Reviews: La Roux – Supervision Album Review

Welcome to another album review on my blogging website SteveOfficial, today I’ll be reviewing the recently released album Supervision by La Roux, now don’t worry you don’t need to adjust the screen that you’re viewing this review on because of the way how the album front cover looks, it looks pretty 3D, to be honest maybe I should get some 3D Glasses and take a look and see if maybe La Roux’s face sticks out from the album cover, anyways I like the album cover because it’s really colourful

So let’s start the album review off by taking a look at what tracks you can expect to listen to if you decide to give this album a listen to, the album does feature 8 tracks on it and the album runs for about 42 minutes, so let’s look at the official track listing

– 21st Century

– Do You Feel

– Automatic Driver

– International Woman Of Leisure

– Everything I Live For

– Otherside

– He Rides

– Gullible Fool

So that’s the songs you can expect to listen on the album Supervision by La Roux, now this is the first album that I have ever listened to by La Roux, of course I have heard some of her previous work such as Bulletproof and In For The Kill and they are some really funky, disco type music which I loved listening to in the past and those two tracks are my all time favourite tracks by La Roux, and I don’t think anyone can disagree with me on them because they are feel good tracks to listen to

So let’s take a look at the tracks that I loved listening to when giving Supervision a listening to by La Roux, the first track that I loved to listen to was the track 21st Century which is the first track on the album Supervision by La Roux, it’s got some serious disco vibes to it, really funky and to be honest at the time of writing this blog it’s a Friday morning and I felt like it was a great way to start a Friday morning so if you’re gonna give this album a listen make sure it’s a Friday because it’ll get your weekend started to a good start that’s for sure

The second track that I enjoyed listening to on this album is called Do You Feel, the reason behind this is because the harmonies on this track are just so good and it feels like this track could also be a future hit for La Roux if she ever decides to release the track into the charts

The third track that I enjoyed on the album Supervision by La Roux is called Automatic Driver because it’s got a really good beat to it and once again it feels like another feel good track that you should definitely listen to when you’re getting yourself ready for a night out on a Friday or something like that, it’s just got a really nice beat to it throughout the track and it’s graced with La Roux’s beautiful singing voice too

The fourth track that I really enjoyed listening to on this album is called International Woman Of Leisure and the reason why I enjoyed listening to this track is because it’s just a really catchy and really awesome track to listen to once again another feel good track again as well which I really did enjoy listening to

So that’s my thoughts and opinions on La Roux’s brand new album titled Supervision which you can purchase on CD in all good retailers and purchase via iTunes and Google Play Music, you can also stream the album via Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music and YouTube Music


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