SteveOfficial: Coca Cola Energy Review

2019 has so far at the time of writing this blog given us some weird combinations such as for example it was only a few months ago that Marmite announced that they would be selling Marmite mixed in peanut butter in jars in all good retailers (don’t worry I do have a review of this myself which is coming at a later date) plus we also had Heinz announce that they were gonna be doing Mayo with Creme Egg mixed in at an event that was held in April 2019 but now we come to this slightly odd and bizarre combination

We have Coca Cola Energy now there’s quite a lot of other energy drinks out there, my go to energy drink is Monster (sometimes it’s original Monster other times it’s punch flavoured Monster and there’s other times where I’ll fancy a juiced Monster Energy drink) plus you do get Monster Energy Ultra which has zero calories and zero sugar too!!

Then of course there’s other energy drinks like Red Bull and Relentless and even Rockstar too are all part of the energy drink family and now Coca Cola have joined the bandwagon and are part of the energy drink family

So Coca Cola Energy is it any good and would I recommend it? Well to be honest and to give an honest opinion on what I think of this, it’s not the greatest drink that I have ever tasted in my whole life there are two various versions of this energy drink such as the original flavour which is the one that I tried in order to write this blog post, and then you get the one that is Coca Cola Zero Energy which means it’s like Monster Ultra where it has zero sugar

So what didn’t I like about it? It just didn’t taste right to be honest like it tasted like as if someone had come along and poured a little bit of Monster energy into your Coca Cola – it just doesn’t really taste right in my honest opinion, but would I recommend it? To be honest a lot of people’s taste buds are different compared to others some might like it straight away some people might have to buy a few cans of these before actually liking them or like me you try it once and didn’t like it so you won’t buy it again so would I recommend this product? Well in a way yes of course because other people will have a different opinion on what they think of the drink that I have reviewed for this blog but in my honest opinion I don’t think it does taste right at all

I am still yet to try the Zero Sugar one and maybe I will give that one a go just to see what it’s like and what it tastes like who knows it could taste completely differently from what I tasted with the original Coca Cola Energy who knows

Thank you for reading my blog post about Coca Cola Energy


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