SteveOfficial Reviews: Eminem – Music To Be Murdered By Album Review

Welcome to another album review on my blogging website SteveOfficial – today’s album review is Music To Be Murdered By which is an album by Eminem

Let’s take a look at the tracks that you can’t expect to find on this album

– Premonition (Intro)

– Unaccommodating

– You Gon’ Learn

– Alfred (Interlude)

– Those Kinda Nights

– In Too Deep

– Godzilla

– Darkness

– Leaving Heaven

– Yah Yah

– Stepdad (Intro)

– Stepdad

– Marsh

– Never Love Again

– Little Engine

– Lock It Up

– Farewell

– No Regrets

– I Will

– Alfred (Outro)

So that’s the official 20 songs that you can expect to find on the album and the running time for this album is 1 hour and 5 minutes

So I’m going to be honest here this is the second album of Eminem that I have ever heard, the first being Revival when that was released a few years ago, I prefer Revival over this album because I don’t know, I think it’s just less controversial and since the release of this album nearly two weeks this album has been in the news because of the controversial second track on this album which talks about terrorists and bombs… very controversial indeed

I’m also going to be honest in this next paragraph here I don’t often listen to rap music neither because rap just isn’t my style of music, but because I thought Revival was really good I thought I would give his album a go but I am not feeling really good vibes from this album

Every single track on this album is really explicit but the good thing is, is that there is an album which is censored so there’s no explicit words rapped in the songs on the album which you can find on Apple Music so if you wanna give this album a listen but wanna hear a more family friendly version of this album then you can via Apple Music (I’m sure you’ll be able to find a family friendly version of this album via Spotify and Amazon Music as well)

The only artist that I have heard of from this album who collaborates with Eminem is Ed Sheeran and that’s on the track Those Kinda Nights, like I have said earlier in this blog I’m not one to listen to rap or grime or anything like that so I wouldn’t know any of the other artists that Eminem collaborated with on this album

The only four tracks that have got good vibes to them is the following: Those Kinda Nights, You Gon’ Learn, In Too Deep and Darkness, I love Darkness quite a lot because it’s just such a slow song and those are the kind of rap songs that I don’t mind not those songs that are just really quick and I can’t keep up with

I apologise that this is a very negative review or if it comes across as a very negative album review because don’t get me wrong, there’s songs on this album that I do love and I wouldn’t mind listening to them over and over again but it’s only a select few that I could pick out from this album that I would personally listen to again and again (everyone has different tastes in music)

I wanna say one more thing before I wrap this review up though whilst listening back to this album again, There’s one song which caught my attention and that was Godzilla now the only reason why this song caught my attention is towards the end of the track when Eminem raps… like honestly he raps really really quickly never heard him rap that quick since hearing the song Rap God a few years ago… did he just speed the track up at that point or what??

So there we go that’s my review of Music To Be Murdered By by Eminem and you can purchase the album in all good retailers on CD, you can also purchase this album through iTunes and Google Play Music and you can stream the album through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music & YouTube Music


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