SteveOfficial: First Blog Post

Welcome to my BRAND NEW Blog post – this is the first ever blog post that I have ever done and I’m not at all nervous about doing a blog post at all in fact I’m also a YouTuber I’m 21 (at the time of writing this blog post) and because I do YouTube I also do Vlogging ( I used to do daily Vlogs on YouTube but over the last five weeks (at the time of writing this) I have been doing Weekly Vlogs) and before doing Weekly Vlogging on YouTube I was watching other Vloggers who live around the local area and getting some inspiration from them in order for me to do Weekly Vlogs

I did mention that I watch people on YouTube that live around my local area – I live in the UK on the sunny south coast that is Bournemouth (I only go to the beach in the summer) and as I said in the brackets that I do go to the beach every now and then I also enjoy going to the arcades, going to the cinema and playing bowling

I am also in a relationship… in a long distance relationship with a very beautiful and gorgeous girl called Zoe who you will be seeing in a blog post in the near future… at the time of writing this I have been dating her for five months and a half I have known her as a friend for two years online – we got into a long distant relationship on February 4th 2018 and I will admit sometimes it is hard being in a long distance relationship but we make it work by video calling each other each day and also telling each other how much we love each other… I will do a separate blog post about my girlfriend Zoe in the near future

That’s all that I had to tell you guys in my first ever blog post so enjoy looking at these blog posts and there will be more from me in the near future!!!



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