SteveOfficial: THE BLOGS ARE BACK!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back to the blogs – int has been an awfully long time since I last did a blog post for this website but its safe to say that I have returned again to blogging and I am hoping to continue to take some photographs of places that I go and also do more blog posts for you guys to read. It has been a while and I do believe that this will be the first blog post that I have done of the year and it certainly won’t be the last blog post of the year that is for sure.

I am gonna do some movie reviews and TV show reviews as well as talking about some gaming news giving you my thoughts on some of the gaming updates that there is – I am hoping that over the coming months I am able to play some Xbox Cloud Gaming which was announced earlier this year by Microsoft and when the time comes when I am able to play some Cloud Gaming on my Xbox One console I will give you my thoughts on the service and what I like and don’t like about it

In terms of movies I have seen an awful lot of movies this year and I am going to be doing more blogs about movies that I have watched and that’s going to start from Monday 1st November 2021, On my next blog post which you will be able to read from 6pm UK time on that date I will be giving you my thoughts on the movie Last Night In Soho which is a horror/thriller movie starring Anya Taylor Joy, Thomasin McKenzie and Matt Smith, the movie is out in cinemas right now at the time of writing this blog post

The blogs are going to be uploaded to the website every Monday and Friday at 6pm UK Time, I will also be talking g about different venues that I have listed in the local area so the blogging website isn’t just gonna be based on gaming, films and TV shows that I have watched, its also going to be based on lifestyle from time to time as well, the last time I did do blogs on the website I was talking about various different shows and movies that I was starting to watch on Disney+

There are going to be other movies reviews coming up over the next few weeks that I will be talking about on this website including the brand new Marvel movie that is Eternals which releases in cinemas on November 5th 2021, so if you’re a Marvel fan that will be a movie review worth checking out, the movie review for that will be uploaded on the website on November 8th 2021. I can also confirm that I will also be reviewing the movies Home Sweet Home Alone and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid which are both going to be coming to Disney+ in November and December respectively

This year has been the year of Samsung for me I have upgraded my iPhone earlier this year in June 20221, to a Samsung Galaxy A52 which was only released earlier this year, I also upgraded my TV ion my bedroom to a 43″ Samsung TV which was released in 2020, and just recently and pictured above I upgraded my tablet to a very premium looking Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ which IO must admit I am absolutely love so hopefully over the next few weeks I will discuss in more detail about these gadgets that I have got earlier this year

I am hoping over the next few months to get the Nintendo Switch OLED Model alongside GTA Definitive Edition on Switch – the OLED Model of the Switch was recently released around the world with GTA coming to Switch in November 2021

Remember the days when I used to do album reviews? Well I can also confirm that I will be doing some album reviews over the next few weeks as well – loads of new albums have recently been released from the likes of Ed Sheeran and ABBA, SO I will also be doing some reviews from this artists over the next few weeks and I will also talk about other upcoming g albums as well in these album reviews.

I have also started doing podcasts so if you would like to listen to mer talking about technology, movies and TV shows and I will even going forward talk about some album reviews on the podcast as well – you can listen to all 61 podcasts right now on your podcast streaming platforms that are Spotify Music, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts, just simply search for Steve’s Weekly Podcasts to listen to them.

I am also back on YouTube and I do Weekly Vlogs I am very nearly at 100 Vlogs on my channel – but please subscribe to my YouTube channel SteveOfficial to watch my Weekly Vlogs which get uploaded every Monday morning at midnight UK time.

I am going to be back on the gaming streaming broadcasting app that is Twitch from Mid November and I am going to be playing GTA Definitive Edition on Xbox One and `I am also going to be playing Marvel Avengers when I do return to Twitch what I can also confirm in this blog post is that as mentioned earlier I will also be streaming some Xbox Cloud games from the Xbox Cloud Gaming library as well – I will confirm more details on my Twitch return in late November in a separate blog post which will confirm full details on the games that I will be playing and as and when I will be streaming on Twitch as well.

So that is everything that I wanted to talk about in this “welcome back” blog post for the website so my next blog post will be released on 1st November at 6pm UK Time if you’re reading this post in real time of you’re reading this after the 1st November the feel free to check out my next blog post on my website right now which is my movie review for Last Night In Soho.


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