Centre VR: The Best VR Experience In Bournemouth!!!


Welcome to another blog – in this blog you will find out about Centre VR which is currently open in Bournemouth BH2 Complex – its on the upper ground floor opposite Miller and Carter and its the best VR experience that you’ll ever see.

I just first of all wanted to start this blog off by thanking Bournemouth Bloggers for organising this amazing event and also a massive thank you to Ciara, Harrison, Liz, Emma and the staff at Centre VR who are really lovely and very friendly.

Get competitive with friends and family with games like Tower Tag which I feel as though is literally out of this world – I also would like to point out that Tower Tag was a little bit like Fortnite except it was set in the distance and also you had to jump from tower to tower and try and kill the opposite opponent – there was two teams – there was Team Fire and Team Ice – I was Team Ice which we did well in a few games but the last game that we played – Team Fire was winning – they scored 12 points and Team Ice scored only 2 points.

IMG_5160Me, Liz & Harrison may look happy in this photo but we were really competitive when playing Tower Tag 

There was also other VR experiences that I experienced at this event. There was one VR experience that I got to try out which was where I was under the sea and all I could see was fishes swimming in the sea and there was a few stingrays that I saw floating around in the water and then…. BAM!!! There was a whale coming at you, I honestly thought that the whale was going to eat me (He certainly was giving me a death stare as if to say “I am going to eat you for my dinner next Steve”). But it did terrify me though just seeing this whale going past me in the virtual world

LRG_DSC00281Harrison’s reaction to seeing the whale in the VR

LRG_DSC00276Something caught Emma’s attention in this VR that was high up

The next VR that I experienced was a walk the plank which was unbelievable – it was such a trip VR experience. It honestly felt like I was there in the virtual reality world, so walk the plank was a game where you had to go up this really high building via a virtual lift, and then you had to walk this plank as soon as you came out of the virtual lift. It was really freaky because honestly looking at how far high up I was in the virtual world, it was really creepy – also there was a moment when Liz played the walk the plank game and Ciara decided to push her just to make her feel a little more scared which was funny because Liz screamed quite loud, she wasn’t expecting that, thats for sure!!! I also had a go at walk the plank which was filmed kindly by Harrison and Ciara (Ciara also did try to make me jump as well which did kind of scare me and make me jump) but it was such an amazing game to play

LRG_DSC00284Me and Ciara were both really enjoying playing in virtual reality 

There was other games to experience as well in Centre VR in Bournemouth’s BH2 complex such as a Titanic game, and there was also a flying simulator game as well where you go around and fly a plane – which looked absolutely incredible and the scenery in that VR looked amazing as well

LRG_DSC00280.JPGCiara was in the cockpit flying a virtual plane 

There are other games to experience at Centre VR which unfortunately we did run out of time, but there are other games such as a racing game, where you are racing a car in the virtual reality world and looking at how it looked in the advertisement that I saw in Centre VR it did look really good.

LRG_DSC00282Emma saw something shocking in this VR

I would definitely recommend Centre VR to anyone reading this blog because it is such an amazing experience – especially when you’re battling your friends in the virtual reality world and also when you can see a whale going past you in the virtual reality world or even feeling nervous whilst walking on a plank in the virtual reality world – its such an amazing experience and is so much fun.

I had the best time and best experience with other bloggers who live in Bournemouth and I just wanna say a massive thank you once again to Bournemouth Bloggers and to the staff who work at Centre VR for giving me this opportunity to experience different games that you can play in the virtual reality.

I would recommend anybody who’s looking to do something new and exciting in Bournemouth and I would also recommend this activity to people who play video games because we are entering an age where VR is becoming more popular so I would also recommend this activity to people who are into gaming (just like me)

Book your place for an unforgettable experience right now via Centre VR’s website: http://centrevr.co.uk



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