Sony A5100 Camera Review


Welcome to this blog post review of Sony A5100 Camera which I brought over the summer via Amazon UK. I use this camera on a daily basis as I am a Blogger who does Weekly Blogs via YouTube, which you guys can check my YouTube channel here: and also if you are new to my YouTube channel then please hit the red button that says “Subscribe” as I currently have 54 subscribers at the time of writing this – and also I think my Vlogs are also very funny to watch (I do try to make my Vlogs entertaining each week)

So the good thing is, is that I use this camera on a daily basis for doing my Vlogs but I can also use my camera on a daily basis as a normal standard cameras as well – I can take some amazing shots with this camera especially as it came with a kit lens on the camera when I first got it making my photographs that I take on the camera slightly more professional than taking the photos via a standard iPhone.

Another good reason to buy this camera is that it can take photos in 4K resolution and not only that but it also can pout you at the centre of the photo/video. what I mean by this is that the camera can automatically focus on you blurring whatever is in the background out which is quite nice and it can do this continuously whilst recording video footage as well which I have noticed in a few of the clips that I have recorded for my Weekly Vlogs that I do for YouTube.

The camera also has a flip up screen as you can see from the picture above in this blog post – which is really nice because it means I am able to see where the camera is pointing when it comes to doing the Vlogging footage but not only the but I can also take some really awesome selfies using some of the features that I have already talked about within this blog post. The screen is also a 3.7 inch display which to be honest is quite a small screen but you wouldn’t really expect anything large in terms of a screen on a camera.

I would also like to point out that this camera also has a touch screen on the display too – meaning that you don’t have to hold down the shutter when it comes to taking a photograph – theres a button on the screen that you can press and it will take the shot there and then of the photo that you’d wish to take which is really nice and such a cool feature – or if you want to do it manually you can always hold the shutter button down which is located near the record button on the camera to take the photo.

Another nice feature that is on Sony A5100 Camera is the flash – now to be honest I don’t use the flash option a lot but the flash does pop out from inside the camera (not gonna lie sometimes it does make me jump when that happens) but it is such a powerful flash I did a few selfies of myself that I posted on my Instagram account (which is stevecrosby2018 on Instagram) using the flash feature and to be honest they did turn out really good – I think the flash feature would work perfectly for when you are outside and its dark and you wanted to take a selfie at night or maybe you could use the flash feature to take a selfie of you and your friends at a party or a nightclub maybe but the flash on this camera is super powerful and is absolutely amazing.

40070218_148496502724524_4154262960497229824_nBehind the scenes shot recording for my YouTube weekly Vlog using my Sony A5100 Camera

The zoom is also another amazing feature on this camera especially with the lens that I have on the camera at the moment which is the lens that came with the camera which I like to call the kit lens – meaning this is the lens for beginners.

The zoom you get on Sony A5100 Camera is 50mm and you also get what I would like to call an advanced zoom so the camera will zoom in to an object up to 50mm and then it will also have an advanced zoom in by 2.0 which is really nice and really cool so its kind of giving you a little bit of extra zoom in case you wanna take a photo of an object thats really far out like for example a boat that is out at sea on the beach or something like that – I have used the zoom quite a few times recently as I went to Bournemouth Air Show 2018 on Sunday 2nd September and used the zoom to zoom in on Sally B plane that was flying over Bournemouth, heres the two really good shots that I managed to take thanks to the zoom option on the camera:

40542977_152324712341703_2308166367477497856_nThis was a zoomed in shot – The zoom was 50mm + 2.0

40632926_152324709008370_8951670043477803008_nThis was a slightly zoomed in shot – The zoom was 20-30mm

The camera does have some amazing features and it also records footage in 1080p as well which is perfect if you are someone that loves to Vlog for YouTube – I would also like to add thanks to the built in wifi that you can get on the camera it is very easy to transfer videos and photos from the camera to your mobile phone – I always use my iPad to transfer photos and videos too as it has more storage than my phone but its a really nice feature and its also a great way of helping me each week when it comes to editing my Blogs for YouTube – I would also like to add that the photos that I do take on my camera and transfer to my iPad are also more than likely to land on my Instagram account as well.

40449327_151369209103920_400760344668012544_nSony A5100 Camera is my best friend for life…

I would definitely recommend this camera to anybody who is a beginner who has never owned a camera before and to be honest before I got this camera I never owned a camera I always used to do my weekly vlogs for YouTube on my iPhone and upgrading to this camera is so much netter I feel as though the sound quality when recording is amazing and the audio is very loud so you can hear what you are saying on video really crisp and clear and you can also hear other people who feature in the video what they are saying and its very crisp and clear – but not only this I also feel since doing my vlogs using this camera – it has made them slightly more professional like Zoella style professional especially with the blurred background which I really do like.

39992312_148881426019365_8397776874708664320_nSelfie of me using the flash feature 

I would also recommend this camera to people that are also Bloggers like myself because that is what this camera is mainly used for and why this camera was created by Sony in the first place because it is a camera that is known as a “Vlogging camera” I know that you can get cameras like Canon G7x Mark ii which some YouTubers that I know do use but I like this camera I saw lots of people testing it out on YouTube before I decided to buy this camera myself and it had some amazing reviews online as well but it really is a perfect camera and I would recommend this to people who are either a beginner and want to start to do photography with a camera also people who do vlogs for YouTube.



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